Monday, April 30, 2012


and The Wedding Salon


words/images Judith Ecochard

About a month ago, we journeyed downtown for a beauty bloggers round table, introducing "us" to the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser-  the FDA approved for home use-hand held device to smooth away the crows feet around the outer eye area.

Essentially a consumer-friendly laser that lessens the depth of the wrinkles of aforementioned facial area- with proper consistent use---

Based on the company's (Palomar Medical Technologies)-patented fractional laser technology- that many medical professionals employ/deploy for office only treatments,  PaloVia is an easy to use device with a lot of backstop safety features built in (automatically shuts down after 25 zaps in an eight hour period---and 'it' can tell when it is in contact with the skin, 100% or it will shut-off ---), based on "tons of testing" -that works below the surface of the skin, to stimulate collagen and elastin---the building blocks of youthful looking skin, as it were.

How to use-is pretty simple---there is a pre-treatment "non-conductive" gel that's mineral oil based---(refills available though one bottle will last a long time- "60 treatments")---and we took one pump and spread it under our washed and dried under eye area. Then we opted for a low setting (there are three-low, medium high)---and as instructed, zapped 6 times only on the outer part of our under eye, each eye. It took about 3-4 minutes...and no safety glasses were needed-so we were looking in the mirror the whole time.

We felt it-but cannot say it hurt----and our skin, which is sensitive, was a tad red but nothing sheer coverage can't cover.

FYI-the protocol recommended is what has been tested by the FDA---though we read some of the comment boards online-and it seems plenty of users-use the PaloVia --- "off label" meaning on other parts of their face....

AND we noticed, a lot of comments about turning the gel pump upside down -to get the gel out.

The PaloVia website has plenty of before and after pics---and we have no reason to doubt how effective this hand held device is when used as instructed...(3-4 months of PaloVia used correctly supposedly equals 2 similar tech based treatments in a derm's office).

A plus:  good for all skin types and impressively-there is a 60 day money back guarantee...

AND we gave our sample to a gal pal who really had those wrinkles around her eyes---and not happy about it...BUT she is very happy with the results after five weeks...a time efficient and $ alternative to hauling it to a doctor's office for the same result.

AVAILABLE- QVC, high-end department stores, store locater on website...$499

AT the last week International Beauty Show/New York at the Javits Center- we cruised around to take in the latest or continuing trends in salon or at home based hair/beauty procedures and products...
gel nail polishes/treatments, hair and eye lash extensions, and spray tans-in salon systems are still going strong,apparently, based on the number of exhibits we saw.

At home spray SUN Laboratories

Sister company Giselle Cosmetics...
Giselle Mineral Cosmetics
FYI: Bronzers are still the numero uno blush no matter what print reads dictate ---  about this being the season for pale beauties à la Downton Abbey.. We like the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil ($22) from the Body Shop ourselves, ...we take a few drops and mix it up with our sunscreen...then apply. We like the natural looking tint that minimizes any white film we might get from our 100% mineral physical block sunscreen.

Hair cutting technique and hair tool demos---

hair extensions as sparkling jewelry

The perpetually packed DINAIR airbrush makeup cosmetics attendees all glammy with a team of makeup artists...and by the way, at home and pro models are available. We are big supporters of this type of foundation-it feels like nothing on the skin...and lasts AND is HD ready for closeups...and fast to apply, once you know how to.

Keratin Hair smoothing treatments are still popular...but we noticed a def emphasis on the use of more natural ingredients, less harsh chemicals and formaldehyde free compositions...
From Brazil-Natura Keratin System-

Argan Oil still seems to be the "it" ingredient...but a new to us company out of California, with a series of hair care products based on the healing properties of Macadamia Oil combined with Argan Seed Oil-had a large exhibit space on the floor-that was crowded every time we walked by...

Macadamia Natural Oil™ serves up a complete line of hair care, style and accessories ...for healthy locks versus the damaged, fizzy kind...and we can vouch for the Healing Oil Treatment----as we got a sample, applied from roots to tips, then let it stew under a plastic shower cap for twenty minutes...followed by a rinse out that yielded tangle free, smooth shiny hair-that we air dried. NICE. It is lightweight enough to use on the ends of our dry hair too-as well as a lightweight smoother, whenever.

great packaging

Guys got major love too-at the Barber Competitions ---with ginormous crowds---we couldn't even see the stage....

love the a booth

There was several salon 'furniture' exhibitors for sale...we guess this is a comfy wash station---and warm too.

No longer done in-office-by dentists and doctors-there were several teeth whitening and skin laser systems to try out...

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner-an insider's fav

Stila Cosmetics showed several new products----including  a one step primer, a nicely packaged powder that evens out skin tones, lip and cheek stain multi-tasker, and waterproof mascara with an effective applicator brush that gets to every lash..

Fresh shea butter-literally

HELLO HAIR EXTENSIONS----Fabio's fabulous relatives...

Down a flight a stairs...the International Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference had even more exhibits---we beelined for Eve eponymous named company founded by the legendary makeup artist---who defined contouring par excellence for many professional makeup artists that we have interviewed over the years.

Eve Pearl has a salon/store on 805 3rd Ave. NYC 10022

Many Eve Pearl products are enhanced with age-defying vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides, anti-oxidants, aka CosmeNutrients® that protect, restore and renew skin's texture ---and natural hydration-meaning NOT greasy. Pictured-the multi-functional High Definition Dual Foundation ($54)-can be applied sheer-to full coverage. And imo-this will last a few months unless you really spackle it on several times a day.

Over at the Metropolitan Pavilion, the equally as mobbed The Wedding  Salon™-had queues of bridal hopefuls and a rather dazed looking groom (what a trooper) lined up for a grand entrance to this thoughtfully laid out 'convention' of caterers, cake makers, destinations (resorts, hotels-event spaces from Columbia University's Faculty House-where a BFF married- to Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, wineries, tropical countries), production houses/wedding planners, dress makers, spa and bridal makeup services, party favors, etc--- including a rather long line for the bar though (duh).

We got our invite from our latest obsession-the imPRESS Broadway Nails team---that we think, for nail bed challenged gals like us- the imPress nails are a wonderful way to get the look of shiny talons, without the hassle. And we learned that once on, to wait an hour before washing hands or filing down...

Major plus- one gets extra 'nails' per packet-because we have flat nailbeds-and the imPRESS nails are curved-what most people they come off on us. No prob, lasts a week per packet with easy replacements

Bridal parties-can go all match-matchy without the expense-give em'  a bridesmaid gown break too, we think

Kiss® Pro Lash -available in Double Packs... ($5.99)-easy does it fluttery eyelashes-that can be so natural looking-as to be undetectable except if one had naturally long fabulous lashes-like the PR gal who was there---PLUS cleaner looking too-versus some mascaras that can clunk up/smear with the sure to be had- tears of joy.

apply eyelash glue...then use the strings to place on the lid...different lengths and thickness available too---and lasts!

Not part of the above event-but at a recent lingerie trade show---we previewed the new Bridal Collection from the figure enhancing/minimizing line of Body Wrap® Shapewear-a collection of high waist/ engineer worthy constructed bottoms- body suits- and slips with molded cups, for a jiggle free smooth walk down the aisle-comfortably. ($42-$74)

strapless high waist thong with coverage

The Must Slip Under with molded cups

seamless for naturally looking support- and with compress/supportive elastane from 25-30%

What's super smart-is that there are different slimming panels, with different levels of control on strategic parts of these body shapers, depending on one's needs-like an extra firm band along the outside of the leg over the hip to eliminate bulges.

Runs true to size too...we had a medium boy short---which fit our friend who wears an American size 8-10...perfectly. If you are a size 0- (32-33 inch hips)-there is not bottom for you...but the sizes are there for larger gals which is the target consumer, anyway. PLUS: Well priced and easy care.

CODA... in person or virtual training which in theory-can last as long,  equally well.