Monday, December 5, 2011


The unisex leather jacket with black suede sleeves and hardware-top pick of ours

words/images Judith Ecochard

It wasn't the official start of NYFW-but designer Tim Hamilton rarely does the conventional----

And perhaps that's why we totally relaxed as we approached the old Pearl Paint shop downtown in NYC-on a desolate stretch of Lispenard Street-

We heard the blaring music first, saw the crowd of smokers outside...and smelled the beer---which of course, instantly chilled us out- as there is no pretense.

Taking a step back into the 90's-with Sony Trinitron tvs tricked out to show video loops of riots, (pre Occupy wherever...)-we thought there was a distinct punk tough athletic take on a lot of the the basic colors---with a lot of looks distinctly unisex. We were told military and aviation inspirations played into the apparel too.

A collab with artist Seth Prince---who did the Paychex graphics in the lining---of the above hoody. We had to google Paychex ourselves-it's a payroll "human resources" giant here in the like the Clash song "Career Opportunities...the one that never knocks..." probably a bit of sarcasm going on here.

great haircut

here's that black leather/suede jacket again

nice detail-crew neck with leather neck hem

taped Dr. Martins

Leather shorts-on him and her---

Comfy collegiate

ice ice baby-pale lips

Trench-with cutaway hem and oversized black buttons-grey lapel/cuffs= smart