Tuesday, December 13, 2011


words/images Judith Ecochard
PIER 59, Chelsea Piers, NYC

We finally arrived on time-FINALLY- for the usually punctually A Detacher show-

Grabbing some pre-show time backstage---we were greeted by the designer herself, Monika Kowalska.

pretty sandals

The epitome of serene calmness herself-setting the tone for backstage at the Chelsea Piers locale---even the makeup laden tables-were so organized _Shiseido's Japanese team did the honors...we wished they'd come back to our apartment afterwards and organize. No extraneous anything here....

Cinema Secrets is a pro's secret highlighter

Avene-we have this----

Bumble&Bumble Holding Spray

Kept the hair in its proper place

models without long locks-got these

Grandma rules here---we thought of the classic Hitchcock movie Pyscho-what Anthony Perkins wore atop his head when he was channeling his mother...prissy, prim, proper-and maybe- a tad creepy.

Believe it or not-this middle part bun took a team of hairstylists to achieve the 'do....

As for the clothes themselves---smart girl chic, geek elegance came to mind.

The first few ensembles down the runways were casual wear...unstructured silhouettes...for the most part.

We really liked the dresses though-the prints having a vintage softness to them-the cuts, rather sophisticated...

Multi-tasking photographer next to us-shooting the show and chatting at the same  time.

Unadorned-the clothes spoke for themselves----we think though that with the right accessories----a lot of the outfits-particularly the gentle skirts/sweater-blouse combo-are year round pieces.