Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CHRIS BENZ SPRING 2012-Prince of Color Has Pool Party Chic With a Twist

words/images Judith Ecochard

Avery Fisher Hall

Chris Benz-rockin' the 'do

NYC based fashion wiz Chris Benz showed his Big Apple neighbors a good time with a terrific presentation that we wish other designers -would take note-production-wise (credits: Fly Productions & Krupp Group).

And clothes wise too OF COURSE---an exuberant display of bold pop-art graphic prints, Palm Springs/Palm Beach worthy spring colors, and all in totally wearable-and often times vintage inspired- tailoring in the classic American sportswear mold.

But naturally something was askew- as the gals looked like they had just slipped out of, rather stylishly attired- some upscale rehab clinic.
Or were returning home after a night into day, into night sojourn -hopping from one martini laden- to another- upscale suburban patio party.

Wicked deliciously fun though yes, we know, maintaining sobriety is a seriously tough for many-

The sun pouring in through the floor to ceiling windows- presented challenging picture lighting conditions-but these looks, simply presented (we appreciate that)- were not tough on the eyes at all.

Selma Optique for Chris Benz eyewear

The Woods for Chris Benz Jewelery

Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz

Love this shrt-reminded us of the 70's color blocking, so chic L/S

Kudos to Nick Irwin & DJ Rigs for Catwalk by Tigi-hair...and Daniel Martin for Lancôme makeup.