Monday, December 26, 2011


Men's & Women's Footwear: "BEAUTY & PERFORMANCE"

words/images Judith Ecochard

Fun and affordable Camper is a Spanish brand with worldwide appeal...and for S/S 2012-it's easy to see why THAT won't change one bit.

The TO&ETHER collections are collabs with fashion/artistic designers....
Romain Kremer/Camper women's with heels-flat-guy's take

Bernard Willhelm
men's pumped up kicks

like those word magnets-random thoughts

architecturally distinct
flexible flats-thin leather uppers
TWS by Swash-are whimsical prints and leather mixes---for eye-catching collection of heels and flats.

cushioned insteps

Ariandno Alto (l) Chantal (r)

Trampolina Hybrids-Vegetable tanned leathers


Cushioned platforms for comfort

Men's lifestyle sneakers---

TWS lightweight, breathable and soft

Viento and Klick in back-with 360 degree stitching requiring less glue

TWS-our fav

PAU -slim last-elegant-rubber outsole for excellent grip

mini me versions too!

PEU RAMBLA certified organic cotton breathable and sustainable

Peu Terra-cotton and natural linen upper-crotchet toe

One piece TPU construction-Wabi-recyclable-no waste

wedges-supportive footbeds, grip outsoles made for walking

Spiral Plie flat leather 


Woody-removale EVA insole for extra comfort

Peu Terra-women's-cool mix of textures hand crotchet toe...

these are great-Bernard Willhelm collab
ADDED PLUSES-Camper's eco efforts-reduce waste and toxic materials-a trend that's a business mission- we wish more fashion brands would embrace....

Bernard Willhelm trainers-for men