Sunday, July 4, 2010



Words/ Images Judith Ecochard
Store Images from Track & Field

997 Madison Ave (77th Street) 
New York, NY 10075
212 355-1944

Function meets fashion in the way other labels aspire to--- for the high-end Brazilian activewear brand, Track & Field STORE. And lucky us, its debut retail locale in the USA ---is right in the Big Apple.


Want to wear it everywhere, extremely light weight/no bulk indoor Yoga attire that is so chic---the separates easily go from classroom mat to paved streets…

…Very smartly made at their own factories (hello, quality control), with seamless construction, flat stitch seams so no chaffing, covered zipper tabs, side mesh vents that fit and don’t dig in, etc),

...performance enhancing (i.e. compression and highly retention/memory fabrics)---versatile athletic wear for all seasons and for many different sports---like triathlons, beach/board antics, and the forever growing in popularity—running.

---All and made from an innovative proprietary, moisture wicking/anti-microbial polyamide nylon textile blends that fit perfectly guys and gals.

Especially for women, is amazingly figure enhancing…(read very sexy gym wear---not because it’s revealing, but because it’s cut just so perfect). Like this zipped jacket…with diagonal seams for the pockets, visually slimming and mimics a gal’s curves.

Additional, we were very impressed with the on trend and easy to wear lifestyle attire including well-made swim wear from Brazil (natch) …and mix and match separates in flattering color waves---all tailored comfy but not sloppy.

AND a select assortment of accessories---like the light weight, moisture wicking, durable/cushioning where you need it Experia® running socks (we profile them at OR---bestsellers here-white and pink), Ironman® Thunder Pro Low Cut socks/ Wigwam,

… and Italian made  X SOCKS that are “high tech for your feet”---and intricately constructed ($40!!!!)=== they come with a 2-year guarantee.

LOVE: ( Havaianas ---our fav always flip flops from Brazil ---have a bunch of co-brand styles with Track & Field…only available here in the USA. 

Gym/Transition Bags.

BONUS--- shoes that are even hard to find in Manhattan.
ADDED BONUS: Customer Service par excellence…
All this and a regular schedule of top in their field speakers for in-store events made just that more fun, with cocktails. (This is after all, a Brazilian entity).

We made a point of visiting this store as soon as we got the invite for an in-store event with 3 years old Newton Running, a specialty brand of peds catering to the technical needs of “Natural Runners” --- a ‘minimalist’ segment that’s often lumped in with, but essentially different from the explosive Barefoot Running style revolution that’s sweeping the country. (FYI: both are outside the traditional running market).

We got there early for a chat with co-founder Danny Abshire…an ultra-marathoner himself ---who gave us the 411 on the DNA of a natural running stride. We know from personal experience have energy/power draining a heel-toe stride is (“it absorbs shock but sucks it out too”)---and have been running in Newton’s ourselves (Sir Issacs) for about a year now.

Our experience was very positive ---in fact a shift back to how we must have run, back in the days…cause we had no problems using the different muscles that our midfoot/forefoot (not flatfoot), quick heel down and then push off (more or less)…leaning forward---running gait entailed. The Newton shoes made this transition possible, we think. And bravo, no aching knees.
As we run on hard surfaces “not putting green grass”--- we find the Newton’s offer the right amount of protection our feet need.

COOL DETAIL: The soles actually push in/spring out for power release

FYI: Check out their website for details, videos, drills, etc.

HINT: We got a tip to keep our eyes looking forward (with our head)--- to use gravity more effectively to keep the momentum forward---and to cast peepers downwards if need be for pothole alerts, but not shift our head when doing.

Track & Field Store also carries the ( ECCO  brand of ‘minimalists’ running shoes…the only NY outlet to stock the pop bright kickers from this Danish footwear brand. When we visited the store at a later date…one enthused customer was trying on a pair---and swore by them…and the unique polyurethane molded, one-piece outsole.

ADDED PLUSES: the computer like ( Suunto and sleek ( Garmin watches, Nathan and Sigg Water Bottles, and Aqua Titanium “energy” pieces (akin to those copper bracelets golfers wear).

THE BRICKS AND MORTAR: An 850 sq foot light filled modern store, customers get a major wow moment from the minute they eyeball the tech/stylish architectural space…with sculptural 1100 plastic inventory capsules made from InegoTM biopolymer, a plant based plastic that’s biodegradable--- we’ve written about) lining one wall (more inventory in the basement btw)---to a floor to ceiling back wall of video screens streaming runners in Central Park (when we were there… with popular sporting events are also shown).

TBA: e-commerce site set to launch soon--for now, check out their Facebook page for more info, calendar of events.

THE ECO STORY: We re-use our capsule for our wet bathing suits.
WE THINK: best example of fashion/function mantra we have ever seen for running and workout clothes for the gym. No wonder certain styles often sell out. 

CODA: OH LA LA-Brazilian bathing suits from Jo de Mar, Cia Martima ...

FIT NOTE---tends to run a tad smaller than typical USA sized clothes----