Saturday, July 24, 2010


FLY TO THE MOON (and don’t go away)


Words, Some Images Judith Ecochard

Runway Images Courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Dan and Corina Lecca

It was a hot one

The Tent was missing a key ingredient, Air Con that really worked…

But Kilian Kerner’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection kept everyone in their seats, waving away.

Themed to a song---"Fly To The Moon (and don't go away) written in English by the designer, to music by Ben Ivory…it preceded the models---and the live music---bouncy Euro pop--- was a nice touch that kept the models moving at a steady clip.

This was two very different collections…and not just gender wise.

Hands down, we LLOOOVVVEEEDDDD the ladies looks…most of all. 

The more casual day dresses and upscale evening looks for women who expect complete and versatile wardrobes from one designer.

Sophisticated glam for a globetrotters…and polished attire for those who barely get to go away.

Dresses, dresses, dresses were our top picks.

Tailored day dresses and this great ruffled trench style coat had us thinking Donna Karan ---as in practical and chic.

Ornate done well---heavily sequined minis---in intricate patterns that must have taken forever--- for cocktails or the Red Carpet...

…and on the long evening wear--- striking/sexy one shoulder insets.

We always admired the variety of fabrics Kerner’s seems to know exactly how to cut--- and drape.

The assortment of textiles was impressive. 

Perfectly shaped ---slim fitted, or tulip---a tribute to his background and talent as Kerner is a young guy.

Little frou-frou but we thought the one shoulder ensemble sassy fun---  that any Hollywood celeb would covet.

Low slung, low crotch looks, a trend we find Euros favor---

---showed up a few times here. It look balanced with the longer blazers we saw on the guys and gals throughout the show. Getting away from the shorter ones we saw last year.

Given the bootyliciousness storming America, we doubt this crosses the Atlantic as a preferred silhouette…except for the slim hipped gals.

There were guys in the crowd nodding away, approvingly at what they saw for the menswear. To our eyeballs, it was a more casual daywear thing going on---with tailored linen separates, some lightweight wovens…

We thought the blazers and trousers, casually rolled up at the hem, spotlessly tailored…and handsome…seam properly placed, fitted to the models ---frankly, we thought English tailoring.

And the long sleeve crisp shirts = dapper.

We can’t see most American guys wearing the short shorts suits…some shown with a nice striped loose V polo, tanks, sandals or socks and shoes.

But this attire might deliver differently---and really these clothes sell on the Continent anyway.

A take on the trench...

SPECIAL MENTION: We chatted with the L’Oreal team backstage---those long locks are extensions.

A highlight of Berlin’s fashion shows…

We hope to interview Mr. Kerner backstage next time…

 Very Teutonic, IMHO. Grace Jones would love!