Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Berlin, Germany, July 9th 2010

Words, Judith Ecochard
Images courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell

They may be in biz for ten years…but for us, Jeffrey Campbell really blew-up as a brand--- and will no doubt, blow-out of the stores…when these  Fall/Winter 2010 kickers hit the shelves in the late summer.

Coined “ON THE RUN” we actually got the 411 on this collection while taking in the Spring 2011 at the massive Bread & Butter tradeshow,

Seriously, we literally stopped in our tracks…that how good it ALL IS.

For Fall, the idea of running forward, being propelled, pushed and driven…are concepts that got interpreted into a sassy, sexy hot collection of wedge boots, 

and all sorts of laces-ups on stacked platforms--- done well, made well and quality leathers and hardware (studs, buckles, etc).

In fact, JC peeps cite looks inspired by 1970’s London, prehistoric trims, female Russian spies (how timely is that with the recently ousted red head bombshell booted out of the USA), vintage Nordic X-training and 1990’s off-the-grid-warehouse parties (a theme we saw at SMILEY---see side bar).

“There are no longer true trends, but rather the concept that everything is trend…”


We had a nice chat with a clearly (happily) exhausted sales staff on the last day of Bread & Butter.
 (Love this woven leather mule)

For a label that caused us to ask a gal---- on the Big Apple streets (where personal space is an abstract concept)---“who are you wearing”---ped –wise, we get "Jeffrey Campbell…"

WE WERE SHOCKED THAT THERE ARE ONLY 5 EMPLOYEES. Wow…they must never sleep…even outta Los Angeles---

INFO: Widely available online ( etc) and at stores like Nordstrom’s (we met their buyers at FFANY===they have sharp eyes for smaller brands.)