Saturday, July 17, 2010


Monday, July 12th

World Yacht Cruises, PIER 41, NYC

Words, Images, Judith Ecochard

We went straight to Wikipedia after we rsvped for a Flanders Day celebratory cruise around Manhattan, sponsored by  Flanders House New York.

FLANDERS DAY is a July 11th holiday-over there- that commemorates the Flemish militia’s victorious battle against the French infantrymen and knights…the later sent their to punish a rebellious bunch of subjects composed of the former.

Known as the Battle of the Golden Spurs (1302), the name refers to the gold spurs collected from the ill-fated French knights.

Jump forward a few hundred years, and we, as French citizens felt no animosity---and were warmly greeted by many members of the Flemish community in NYC, including several Belgium consulate members.

(FYI: As of 1970---there are three official cultural and linguistic communities in Belgium).

The weather was ideal for a sunset cruise, and as the four tiered, World Yacht Princess smoothly pulled away from its home off the Westside Highway in midtown.  

All were treated to outstanding views, 

...terrific beverages and food including REAL beer we wanted to drink...

(WOW---no jousting lines at the bars---very un-french, trust us on this)

fries, crisp waffles…

A written speech by Kris Dierckx, President of Flanders House--- was read in English (nice touch as many guests were Flemish deficient). He referenced the Flanders community as part of Belgium and the European Union ---and its cultural ties with the USA.

We say, thanks to our wonderful hosts. And hopefully get to spend more time at Flanders House, an AMAZING architectural wonder located in the New York Times Building where we saw some sophisticated fashion attire during the latest New York Fashion Week.