Saturday, July 24, 2010



Words, Judith Ecochard
Images Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin/Dan & Corina Lecca

Utter insanity in a good way…and no we are not talking about the clothes.

It’s always a party a Custo® Barcelona Show…and we go to them on both sides of the Atlantic.

Running late (Germany is a punctual kind of country) ---we forgo even trying to get backstage, given the crowds amassed, invitations in hand, trying to swarm into the show.

We got there barely before the guards said nein to any more humans trying to get in.

Here’s why it’s worth it.

For some reason, we always like better what we see in Berlin from this label…as the feel of the show and the garb we see---always seems to stay true to the label’s DNA towards that California surfer psychedelics that are the natural inheritors of that Kerouac ON THE ROAD mantra---this black/white top, for example---paired with mad for plaid, relaxed slim fit trousers...

Mashed up with Mediterranean glam and the fun fun fun of Ibiza, the French seaside (particularly the sailor stripes---a new pattern for us)---- or the Greek isles.

PLUS: Maybe it’s because the clothes are more accessible in Berlin---from a price standpoint, too.

As always, the prints are fantastic at a CB outing, and this collection grabbed that exuberant Summer of Love (1967) vibe that had us thinking Jimmy Hendrix and Janis…to the 70’s boho acid died denim, the vibrant saturated colors--- the effortless chic of a Tabitha Getty in her fluttery caftans.

Sexy cutoffs, print leggings, rompers, chic cotton striped sweaters, low slung denim, sheer layered tops, radiator shades…

Flat laces-ups in sturdy black canvas kickers got the worker boot fused with motorcycle edge DOWN and for gals, stacked platforms, open toe booties, sandals with sheer ankle socks.

Even the guys looked cool…board shorts, checked blazer, tie die, oversized slung scarf---work it.

We know Americans will probably pick the ensembles apart…grab one element---and pair it with it with a solid basic…as in general, our eyes are not “trained” to mix up the prints ---the secret being ---we think----to contrast small patterns with large similar, not wildly clashing ends of the color spectrum.

Nevertheless, for the Dalmau brothers, ---it’s like the octopus predicted another Spain win here too.

You Tube Runway Show from MBFW-Berlin