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Snowboarding takes its toil on our nails (they break right off--- as if we are clawing our way down the mountain)…

…and our facial skin that manages to get all dried out--- even though we spend plenty of time in the wet snow (face plants/wipeouts).

GoNails™ is a new treatment that stimulates nail growth via a natural bevy of ingredients-- in a cream that’s easily applied over bare or polished nails (and fingers/toes). Key ingredients include ‘good for you’---

• Lipoplastadine: Rich in Biotin from egg yolk to strengthen, nourish, and improve nail thickness.
• Thymulen 4: Stimulates the synthesis of keratins to enhance skin barrier function and improve the structure of the nail plate.

Other key ingredients:
• Arginine Aminobenzoate - a patented DNA stimulator which promotes damage repair
• Cell-nourishing keratin protein to strengthen and thicken
• Biotin, which studies show thickens, strengthens, and hardens nails
• Jojoba oil and vitamin E to condition nails and cuticles

• Anti-bacterial tea tree oil to correct discolorations
• Collagen to regenerate nails to become harder and more elastic

INFO: $24.99 at MY GO BEAUTY

And although we’re not facial types per se, we were amazed at how our skin seemed to rehydrate after a HydraFacial™ non-laser, resurfacing treatment…that’s felt like a two in one primo facial.

A wand gadget with two compartments…exfoliates/resurfaces skin (with a abrasive HydroPeel™ tip) while another simultaneously dosed our skin with soothing, cleansing treatment serum.

All skin resurfacing/serums are customized…depending on skin type, sensitivity levels, and goals…

Plus: All skin types with problems ranging from fine lines to acne… can benefit.

What truly amazed us was the last moisture serum application…that seemed to sink in after a minute or two…and smooth away any vestiges of flaky skin we had. It felt scratchy in a cat licking a face way...which didn't bother us at all...combined with wet thick liquids applied at the same time.

We nixed an additional moisturizer application---as we felt this last lotion might just sit there on our skin, all greasy like…but those with dry skin might crave the additional dose.

Apparently HydraFacial™ is very popular with Hollywood types…in NYC--- we experienced the 45 minute treament at the Aesthetic Wellness Center at Z. Lorenc's MD FACS practice. (212-472-2900)