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Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Advertisement Images From Moncler

Hailing from the part of France with serious cold snow, the tiny eponymous village in Grenoble (site of the 1968 Winter Olympics)…Moncler was always known for its upscale skiwear jackets that provide warmth via quilted (premium Goose Down) insulation.

Being half Français…we have known this label for a long time…and its durable features rival those American labels we grew up wearing…like CB Sports.

Now, this incredibly trend setting label and technically on target outwear---- has an Italian luxury written all over it.

Because--- since 2003, Remo Ruffini  (President and Creative Director) took over and completely redid the brand.


Leave it to the Euros to debut/produce a clothing label/fashion presentation like no other

The Chelsea Piers Golf Club is a four tiered, automatic tees (love) facility…where one can swing away towards New Jersey.

Sure, it was cold …and we know those stalls have heat lamps


But maybe because it was an outerwear brand…and Moncler wanted to get us in the mood to run out and either…

Tackle one of those models and rip off the jackets for ourselves LOL…or

Warm up by sipping away from an aluminum thermos brimming with hot chocolate or spiced cider... graciously proffered by servers…

or just move FAST

We were so wowed; we totally overstayed our allotted time and almost missed the next show. (FYI: The heat lamps did warm up later arrivals---we were told).

Assuming the shout out to models--- informed them they would be standing for two hours on a tiered metal cage dramatically set over the Hudson…

We got there early enough to watch the sunset.

As the natural light changed…spotlights…timed to a rousing classical score (we don’t know which one, being symphonically ignorant)---highlighted the all black, all dark gray, or all brown different times... a sound and light show...

At one point early on…a helicopter launched from the nearby helipad… and hovered over the Hudson, horizontally placed smack in the middle of the four level stages.

The models---on command and all clad----- from head to toe in Moncler attire and accessories... turned around and held the pose.

We can only imagine how many strings were pulled (or should have been)---to get THAT.

The outerwear itself…was a combination of puffer vests, hooded quilted long coats, jackets, pants…some fitted (we assume made from windproof, waterproof breathable materials like other techy labels we have reviewed ===with warmer pockets, inside zip pockets for stash, thermal lined collars to prevent chafing...etc)...

But also true of most European fashion shows we go to…there was no “run-of-show” ---that detailed what we saw.

No matter…as far as FASHION WEEK is concerned…it’s all about the looks and Moncler ---really nailed it. Several separates are very city chic too...

And the long ski skirts...a reference to the past...somehow all worked as well. 

Carine (Vogue – Paris) and Julia Roitfeld galloped past us on the stairwell…

FYI: Like the label Canada Goose…Moncler is premium priced with...

 hot adverts shot by photographers Bruce Weber and Steve Meisel.

Sold at Saks, Bloomies, upscale sporting goods stores… 

and many Moncler boutiques worldwide.

ALSO: Children’s garments and accessories sport the label.