Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

We were going all Dorothy in Oz--- when we walked into the K• Swiss booth…


Training hard (already) for our first triathlon, our peepers bulged when we took in the co-branded Ironman® series of performance apparel and footwear--- from K• Swiss…a brand that now “covers the spectrum” of active lifestyles.


The country running shoes, part of the Ironman® series---now include Korea and South Africa…just in time for the World Cup. The Brazil model that launched last year…are still our favorites! ($100 only available for men---- WHA?)

The really big deal are the new kickers that all boost athletic performances via Blade-Light Technology™ ---that provides ultra-light cushioning through “a series foam blades aligned to the angle of impact…” that compress in proportion to impact forces…and then genius…recovers to their original shape for that “springy feel.” We wish our memory worked that well.

PLUS: High level of traction “when splayed due to natural foot flexion.”  Like it’s supposed to work.

These running shoes come in three models:
Blade-Light Run™ (medium to high mileage efficient running 9.3oz)

Blade-Light Race™ (road races and multi-sports events 8.9 oz)

Blade-Light Recover™  (with a Recovery Foam Footbed™ and Articulated Compression Therapy™ --to aid circulation/speed recovery 8.9oz).

Also in the running realm are a new series of peds geared towards runners’ particular needs…

For example…the new K-ONA™ C that’s ultralight and stable (via a TPU midfoot shank-pictured above)…and the K-RUUZ™ super lightweight racing flat (6.5 oz)…that’s already popular with pro athletes. (Prices average $90-$100).

There’s also a series of four different MiSOUL Tech™ modular interchangeable insoles…two come with the K Swiss shoes…and provide either:
 Orthotic 1.0--- arch support, extra Stability 1.0, Cushion (ing) 1.0, or Light 1.0 (for races).

Also sold separately ($40). IMHO: Smart…we know our inner needs change depending on what we are doing.


 A follow-up new series of running shoes, the Tubes Run 102…are worthy additions for those desiring the most responsive heel to toe transition.

Cool looking…with strategically placed cylinders that deliver support depending on individual needs/gaits…

…and boasting a whole host of techy features…that aid in moisture management, stability, cushioning, and engineered motion control details. (Prices Range $75-$85)


We love the performance wear that K• Swiss serves up…for tennis, running and triath-ers…

Updated classics include the new off court collection of warms-ups, particularly the hip old school tracksuits--- in rich autumnal colors.

There’s also new softshell windproof and waterproof jacket that breathes ($130).

Performance wear for runners ---made from moisture repellant and anti-bacterial fabrics…have flat-stitched,  chafe free seams (YES) and mesh inserts in the right places.

For gals…the new Bound Split Short (inner key pocket) and Contoured Short (inner brief)…with reflective K•Swiss branding and UV protection

Also offered…cute (and functional) tennis tops, running skirts with mesh insert side panels…

Under the K•Swiss/Ironman brand…are these neat EVA/rubber cushioned flipflops-in men's sizes, ahem (ZORRIE™ SANDAL ).

AVAILABLE: Some new running shoes and apparel are online now…at K•SWISS

Also Ironman® apparel on sale at Ironman® events…

AND K•Swiss has a new concept store in the USA:
K•Swiss Santa Monica
2427 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405
Store Hours:  Sunday: 12pm - 5pm
              Monday: Closed
              Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
              Saturday: 9am - 7pm
…plus stores in SE Asia…