Monday, August 24, 2009


KISS MY FACE is a 28 years old beauty/personal/body care maker with a huge assortment of cruelty free products that we- and kids we know---all rely on.

Recently we tried out two of KMF’s toothpastes…the TARTAR CONTROL with Zinc Citrate (whitening/anti-plaque) in a cool lemon mint flavor… and SENSITIVE WHITENING in a cool orange mint flavor.

Our teeth definitely felt clean/polished after using--- and our gums weren’t aflame like with some other brands we tired. This is probably because both brands have soothing certified organic aloe vera gel. Plus all Kiss My Face toothpastes are naturally sweetened by Xylitol (acid reducing/anti-cavity) and free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate…and other questionable ingredients.

Last week, we got a preview of the new mouthrinses, an extension of KMF’s oral care line. Available (OCTOBER 1ST) in four flavors:
Spearmint Breath Blast, Vanilla Mint Blast, Spearmint With Fluoride Breath Blast, and Orange Mint Breath Blast…the rinses come in plastic bottles, priced around $9.95/16 oz. and for a 2oz Travel bottle / $2.29.

Alcohol free (no burn or dry out!), KMF’s mouthrinses all left our breath minty fresh (we tried each and every) for a long spell.

Since we fall into the category of needing TLC for our gums, we always rinse away (it’s proven to aid in preventing gum disease). And good for you ingredients organic aloe, licorice root, green tea, acerola (a fruit rich in Vitamin C), and anti-oxidants like Goji Berry, pomegranate and perilla seed extracts---are all in the mix.

What else we like about Kiss My Face ---- is that there are no freaky dyes in their mouthrinses or SLS, a foaming agent that can be irritating! And who needs foaming mouthwashes? Weird.

SHIP DATE: October 1st 2009 at Whole Foods and widely available online.

FUN: The packaging.