Monday, August 17, 2009



Words, Images Judith Ecochard

KAMIK is a Montreal based company that wears many different hats for footwear. Apparently.

We’re so dazzled by the colorful (designed by artists)- aimed out keeping our feet dry in wet weather conditions Atrium rainboots…that we never get to the part of the booth where all the technical hiking kind of footgear is displayed.

And so it was this time around too.

For Spring 2010, (ships end of February/mid March 2010) “we’re having a matte moment,” according to Catherine Cook…the granddaughter of the founder of the company…and current leading light of this family run biz.

Boots-in high and low versions… and clogs in solid shades like an army green and red... are set to join the already popular prints and perky patent “leather” styles.

We liked the Janis pattern ourselves- (after Joplin---and so 40th Anniversary Woodstock!) and the Mosiac too (in black/white and olive green).

The Wale plaids in refreshed shades are still retailer big buys.

Really affordable (from $29 for kids’ styles- topping out $59 for adults)---we see why every teener like our Big Apple dwelling nieces---have at least four pairs of Kamik’s in their closets.

ECO: Kamik has an eco-friendly policy whereby if you “wear out” a pair of boots and just mail them back…they’re ground up into new boots or get donated. And certain Kamik boots are made from 100% recycle materials. YES!!!!

FOR MORE INFO and Store Locater: KAMIK