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TELA DESIGN STUDIO, 31 Little West 12th Street, NYC

Words, Judith Ecochard
Image of Philip Pelusi and Models in Jillian Lewis from Trent & Company, Inc.

We admire people who are true visionaries with the knack for channeling their creative and ‘better societal’ leanings into thriving entrepreneurial entities.

Philip Pelusi, the brains/bucks behind the Tela Design Center, fits the above description to a “T”…with his development of this buzzing hair salon/education center/art-design incubator space in the red hot Meatpacking district.

Finding the man was easy on a recent Sunday ---as he was hosting a Fashion Week presentation at said Tela Design Center… and was in photo mode, snapping away at the “earthy neo-gypsy” outfits of designer Susan Cianciolo.

Among the many topics we talked about –including this Pittsburgh resident’s love of the football Steelers (“God YES!!!!”)---- was the new P2® daily hair care products line that “promotes wellness” for every type of locks in the world with nine color safe product categories that “range in treatments from volumizing to repair to age-defying to color quench.”

“We have the technology now…to protect hair from the inside out,” Pelusi noted.

What is particularly fab is that the P2® hair care line-for men and women BTW- focuses on treating the scalp “that has to be healthy” as well as “healing the hair texture” with scientifically tested formulas--- loaded up with a high percentage of certified organic ingredients and the highest grade pharmaceutical ingredients.

One example FYI that gets a major two thumbs up--- is using healing/moisturizing Organic Aloe Leaf Extract instead of de-ionized water that is found in most hair products…as a blending base for other ingredients to be mixed into.

We also touched on how “impossible it is to cover grey hair with completely organic formulas” as Pelusi finds that even Henna “has a tendency to leave hair brittle.” He did highlight the effectiveness of another Tela™ Beauty Organics goodie, the lightweight sunguard “Guardian” product, that has 80% USDA certified organic (through an FDA lab) ingredients, and boasts SPF 18 protection factor thereby protecting and healing the scalp and hair.

“We work with herbalists and chemists and have been doing product development for years,” Pelusi added. “Our manufacturing plants even meet the certified organic standards.”

PHILIP PELUSI® and P2® products (sixty including skincare!!!!) are available at Pelusi’s fourteen salons, online and at Barneys.