Monday, March 2, 2009


Eyebeam Gallery, West 21st Street, NYC

February 19th, 2009

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Global trendsters and edgy showrooms share a certain trait that the rest of us have to pay some stylist for. Meaning a knack for unearthing the under the radar labels that are modern cool (not kitschy vintage), look great on…and are so originally detailed so as not to be H&M/Forever 21 clone-able within six weeks of hitting the digital airwaves.

In a tough economy with some creative labels struggling, we're happy to feel that "we've got one' with staying power...MACQUA.

Meike Vollmar, the leading light of the Berlin based label Macqua- is one of those “emerging” designers who-after her Spring collection USA debut in NYC last September…got a favorable buzz. We felt those dresses and separates were terrific and deserved accolades.

Luckily, Macqua returned ‘to the Eyebeam’ for the Fall 2009 session and we are confidant that this latest outing…will get her just as many halleluja(hs) Stateside as she garners in the fashion forward capital of her native county.


Ensconced backstage, we got a sneak preview at the mostly dark toned collection of billowing and slouchy elegant silhouettes--- like a white chiffon petaled skirt that fell above the knee, a strong shoulder jet black sequin tunic, a bold black silk blazer---intermixed with snug wool leggings and a few long wispy dresses (the winner, the multi strapped one shoulder diaphanous Goddess gown).

‘I was inspired by a lot of things, from romantic layering, symbols of desire, the moon…one spot ot light,” Vollmar told us as she received well wishers after the show.

“I was reading a lot of poetry.”

Embellishments like a shimmering gold sequins zig zag on a v-neck tunic and leather inserts on a snazzy poncho style blouse worked well with the bronze/gold toned dangling necklaces.

Special judos go to oversized satchels and feathered strappy sandals.