Tuesday, March 24, 2009



WE actually needed snowshoes and crampons for our hike in the mountains this past weekend. And it got us thinking about the materials used in making the equipment that enables us to enjoy nature in close to pristine conditions.

After all, outdoor enthusiasts are typically sustainable lifestyle advocates too.MAKES SENSE.

We were happy to meet the Crescent Moon folks from Boulder Colorado back in January---- and learn about this elite snowshoe producer- best known for its innovative binding design and unique “tear-drop” shaped frames.

We got schooled by Jake Thamm, the President of the company, that he founded in 1997...at the recent Outdoor Retail Market.

What’s new for 2009 are the snowshoes of the top of the line-coined the “Gold” series…with “improved stability to the entire binding system, redesigning the heel pad for greater grip, using durable material for the straps and using a larger heel claw with deeper and aggressive traction.”

IE: “No Hot Spots”----for complete control.

ECO ALERT: Crescent Moon eliminated all materials made with plasticizers or “volatiles” (like PVC)---a necessary action on the way being the first certified green company---and the snowshoes are made from materials that are recyclable. YEAH!!!!!

WHAT WE LOVE: The lightweight-ness of it all- courtesy of the super strong and durable TIG welded powder coated aluminum frames.

Women specific sizing (the 13 All Around and the larger frame Gold 15 backcountry specific models).

And the SPL binding that adjusts to any size pull with one single pull.

RETAIL: Around $229-$259


Words, Judith Ecochard, Images Courtesy of Crescent Moon