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New Trends+Old Science Inspires Skincare Suppliers

While a lot has been buzzed about J beauty (Japan)---it's  the bio based ingredients-with 'natural' sustainably sourced-that really stood out for us.


Evonik -a fav destination at these cosmetic-skincare-haircare  supplier shows-with the coolest samples of new ingredient loaded really branching out in an interesting way. They should launch their own direct to consumer company.
"The fusion of ancient wisdom and advanced technology" is their MO-for the newish Evonik Advanced Botanicals division.
  "In-vitro-cultivation"-inspired by traditional Ayurvedic medicine-inspired the types of plants  grown in controlled (indoor) environments in France-that reminded us of urban farming at its best-no pesticides, herbicides, or GMO anything,  needed. Or deforestation-aka social exploitation.

The first product form Evonik Advanced Botanicals  is NeoPlanta® Withania-an urban pollution fighter-balancing skin serum-that's vegan, gluten + preservative free. It's hero radical scavenging plant is the Withania somnifera-that's typically grown in the Himalayan Mountains.

Other bio-based science-which conjures up the vast wisdom of ancient healers in multiple cultures....starts with vegan friendly botanics-plants + fruits like gobi berry, coffee berry, stevia leaf, carotene(veggies-vitamins!!!), red maple, lichens, turmeric, grapes, hardy alpine and sunflowers, Amazon rainforest's nut+fruit trees=oils -and marine-ocean growing red algae, Chinese herbs, CHARCOAL (still huge) and exotic clays (masks)- were featured in new skincare ingredients by many many companies.

We didn't see any animal based products-highlighted at all except for Wellman Lanolin-moisturizing lanolin the company says is cruelty-free sourced from wool of USA-New Zealand sheep. A good thing. We doubt dead animals are a selling point-let alone the ethics(lack of).

Not trending at all...are ingredients for topical application- that contain bio-identical hormones-like hyaluronic acid + collagen boosting estrogen. Widely available from compounding pharmacies and OTC available on AMAZON (of course)-these anti-aging skin products are not as common in the USA -using some kind of plant sourced estriol (a natural estrogen)-estradiol, estrone, estriol-and/or brightness booster progesterone (from yams, black cohosh)- like in Europe.

We are not referencing toxic ingredients that are hormone disrupters (parabens, phthalates, oxybenzone etc). "Free From" is in fact a label stand-by though the EU is outlawing that soon.