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Attention Millennial Middle Agers: Good Science Beauty®

The USAers  who grew up gazing at screens and themselves-are aging.

And that's a big reason that preventive skincare (vs waiting till it's 'cure' time)-is a lifestyle given.

Two dominant trends... multi-functional products -science based-or EWG approved ("cleaner")=-have led to an avalanche of gender specific + genderless indie brands-that can take advantage of cutting edge research-to deliver skin saviors without undesirable ingredients (that are probably outlawed in the EU/Canada, already).

What's New and Legit:

Currently a DTC brand Good Science Beauty® recently launched six focused skincare products based on the revolutionary (patented) dermis delivery wonder silicon (no "e" aka Good Silicon+™).

Ten years of research headed up by leading light Suzanne Saffi-Siebert, PhD-underpins the basis for Good Science Beauty® uniqueness-ensuring efficacy of symbiotic active ingredients "deep within the skin" and how they enhance each others' effectiveness, are time encapsulated, and made without the stuff nobody wants -parabens, silicones (with an "e"-used by a slew of cosmetic -hair products), artificial colors-or irritating fragrances (a particular irritant turn-off!!!).

Marisa Garschick, MD, FAAD-gave the 411 on basics-like it takes really three months of continued use of any skin product to see an appreciable difference...and the at least two active ingredients per---in each of Good Science Beauty®'s offerings: Skin Renewing Polishing Powder (no microplastics-a clay based bentonite -silicon, a powder to mix with water-containing actives Vitamin E, turmeric, sandalwood), Skin Firming Cream (actives Barley extract and antioxidant Poria Cocos), Purifying Face Cream and Mask (actives willow bark + amino acids), Hydrating Face Cream (Hyaluronic Acid, Marine based Omega 3), and Skin Brightening Cream (Glutathione and Melatonin),

Seeing or feeling is believing as a magical facial post presentation...left us glowing and looking way more awake than prior to.

Interesting-the clinician -Clarissa ...advocated massaging in the Purifying Face Cream and Mask vs. letting it dry on skin-and then wiping off the excess.

Our fav staple---the Skin Renewing Polishing Powder- effectively but gently-cleans up all that we slap on our face-plus the pollution -environmental assaults of urban life. Sounds simple-but in our experience-it is rare to find a cleanser (like this one) where a follow-up toner saturated cotton ball-is not loaded up with the makeup/sunblock leftovers.

Depending upon skin type---and the season (cold dry weather-hot humid temps)...Good Science Beauty® really has something for everyone.

Bonus Points: Packaging is "clean" too-and recyclable except for now the pump mechanism on the bottles-that btw are tinged to preserve the ingredients inside-and the website has before-after pics.

FYI: Soon to launch in Urban Outfitters...priced $42-$98...imo-expect many months of use out of each product.

CODA: We attended this event the same week we went to the cutting edge ingredients' mecca NYSCC Suppliers' Day tradeshow nearby (reviews---Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4) we have a solid background of ingredient appreciation worthiness...and feel Good Science Beauty® really checks off the bucket list of musts for effective skincare.