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Cutting Edge Hair/Skin/Beauty Ingredients Pt 2

Suppliers' Day-Javits

'Cleaner" HAIR HELP-Proven Efficacy:

Humans have been trying to 'tame' their tresses for decades (centuries) with toxic (really) chemicals, hair tools -and/or natural butters + oils to eliminate frizz and straighten out hair follicles not born that way.


Though  'clean' beauty silicone subs seem to be offered up by several companies (see examples below)---...Sensient Cosmetic Technologies new Sensityle® Curl relaxer -billed as a "...natural and effective hair relaxing technology..." really caught our eyeballs as super unique.


Explained  with a backstory first:
The idea for this new (November '18) product treatment -was inspired by meat tenderizers.
AS IN-the powdery stuff shaken on meat to make it more tender-made of pineapple and papaya-two fruits also hailed for their anti-inflammatory properties (Bromelain + Papain)... with hydrolyzed yeast proteins=leading to  Sensityle® Curl relaxer's development "from a complex polypetidic chain of vegetal origin enriched with bionutrients."

We bet this hair game changer will soon appear in  at home and in-salon hair masks, conditioners and maybe even multi-tasking hair coloring. It has no formaldehyde (like some smoothing- keratin treatments), is fade resistant, ph neutral, and makes fine-medium hair of different curvatures...smoother-reducing volume-and straighter (depending on how curly-wavy to start). The straightening powers finally fade out after 28 washes.

Note: this semi permanent relaxer ("two levels of curvature reduction/application") is not for coily textured hair.

Another company that stood out in the hair realm is Beraca-which sources (sustainably) a slew of native Brazilian Amazon plants (a superfoods' list in many ways)...for its products and new 'Active Beauty' formulations.

New to us is the TUCUMàfruit tree-that yields a stable super moisturizing butter loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids like coconut oil-that help make it a hair fiber strengthening multi-tasker. Importantly the TUCUMàfruit butter is ultra spreadable-with a silicone feel- and is low in tackiness. It's  a suitable sub for synthetic polymer silicones-and can potentially be a very popular skin/hair/cosmetic ingredient -as consumers want 'clean' biodegradable beauty. (Silicones are not biodegradable before the apocalypse-imo- and the worst kind- non-water soluble silicones-are ridiculously common-and build up with use).

Hair Help Too:

Biofunctionally derived (ok that's a made up term but fits)...BERACA's rep educated us on its partner Clariant-and their Capillus Pro 22 hair recovery agent-intro-ed late 2017. Made with a raw materials' traceable supply chain (Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program®) it has as its hero goody-the  natural seed sourced pracaxi oil (rich in a natural conditioning agent behenic acid), fused with rather common but potentially allergic causing chemical compound - amidoamines.

A low ph 'hair recovery agent"-Capillus Pro 22 restores, hair fiber, adds shine, seals hair cuticles-volume control+'aligns' hair fiber. Suitable for leave-in + cream formulations- like hair conditioners, treatments, and masks.

Bottom Line: Capillus Pro 22 is a bio-based cleaner (but not 100% natural) addition to the tress smoother- tamer options' list we expect to turn up in hair products soon.

Another entrant on the more natural hair smoother option Covestro's first polymer "film former" of their new bio-based polyurethane line Baycusan eco E 1000 -is made from 50% renewable materials.
We got an entire science loaded multi page print out on this product that was a tad above our pay grade (or HS chemistry class)-but we did learn that this bio-based film-performs as well (flexible strong hold, non-brittle feel, high humidity resistance, thermal stable w/ heated tools) if not better as often used total chemically derived functional films.
ADDED PLUS: The aforementioned are even better than non-vegan shellac-a common ingredient in hair care and nail polishes (and like furniture refinishing) ---derived from insects :-(

Expect to see Baycusan eco in hair sprays+hair gels and conditioners.

Read about:
Seppic--a French company-has readily biodegradable silicone non-GMO alternatives-Emosmart and Emogreen-a new emollient and vegetable emollient respectively-that are light in feel, improve hair fiber performance (de-frizz) -and are suitable for leave on or rinse off products.


From last year's show -we wrote up Lucas Mayer's GREYVERSE™-a breakthrough hair treatment that "stimulates melanin synthesis, favors melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes (read what makes hair color color to actual hair tress cells)..." stimulating hair pigmentation + reversing the hair greying process-up to 30%. NOW available to the consumer as the active in BiÅd Anti-Grey Lotion.

Another company-a very well know one-Givaudan-and its Active Beauty division now has Darkenyl™-a regimenting technology that blocks the hair's whitening process while boosting hair stem cells 30% - protects existing and stimulates new hair melanocytes...and increases melanogenesis (the stuff that's in human real deal hair color).

Pretty amazing feats-and an online search yielded up Photo RE30 treatment spray with a similar claim.