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Ready To Go Gourmet Eats/New Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven

 Part 2: Simple, Healthy and Fast

Meal delivery kits are growing in popularity---saving eaters precious shopping time.
IMO-What is more of a delicious time saver are the numerous entree, pasta and soup mixes -requiring little added products---to serve up timely tasty results that rival multi-step 'homemade' versions.
never feel this amped ready to cook???? Easy solutions abound.

PLUS and maybe even better-for one dish wonders-our most coveted worthy new tabletop appliance...that reduces cooking time for speedier eats. Quality Cooking Made Simple=Panasonic's new Countertop Induction Oven.

Frontier Soups...sophisticated spicy chili and soup mixes are 100% natural...Homemade In Minutes® -pictured Montana Creekside Classic Chili mix...

Frontier Soups West Coast Kale&Quinoa Vegetable Soup Mix-no preservatives or MSG here-'simple' ingredients white quinoa-high protein grain, kale flakes, chopped onion, butternut squash flakes, carrot, garlic, spices...with a 'simple' what you need list of add broth, 12-16oz cited butternut squash (fresh or frozen) and  14oz can petite diced tomatoes---microwave the squash-and mix up and simmer with the rest. So easy and fast!
Frontier Soups Pacific Rim Gingered Carrot soup mix...

PEREG Natural Foods...non-GMO gourmet foods...including their multi-flavored soup mix and Texas Chili Blend-quality fusion of beans and spices-just add sautéed vegetables-and water...simmer up for hearty meal. 
Pereg Natural Foods...also serves up many different types of grain mixes (quinoa, farrow, basmati rice, couscous...)...with vegetables/aromatic spices...add liquids...simmer -and violà- full flavored side dishes...or entrees (with protein)-all ready in minutes.
Pastabilities...nails it with the names-with focused mixes for the sporty sorts...FUN. Tailgate&Celebrate® Pasta Salad...and yes -they even make pasta mixes in collegiate team colors-and holiday themed shapes (and colors),  too.
Game on. 

Easy does it-so you don't miss the opening tip-off-the Ultimate Slam Dunk Chili-mild-medium spice-chili mix

Don't even want to add water---too complicated? Boulder Organic Soups-in ready to go BPA free containers-founded by Kate Brown (pictured) to "make soup better." USDA organic, non-GMO verified...gluten free-17 satisfying flavors like  a rich Bacon Potato Corn Chowder, filling creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup and Golden Quinoa and Kale--- all of these small batch choice soups are mouth watering delicious-full of flavor- and convenient! 
ethnic foods are super popular-eastern Europe included-traditional. Pelmen Foods Perogies and Pelmeni -non-GMO dough filled  traditional appetizers (or meals)-8 flavors... and 2 desserts-make these hearty treats easy to make-with flavors like Potato with Cheddar Cheese, Cherry, Sweet Cottage Cheese, Potato and Mushrooms...100% natural ingredients.


Leonardo's Pizza Sauces make this household staple food a breeze to make-hand crafted four flavors made from the finest ingredients from the super popular pizza restaurant founded in Burlington, VT. FYI-worthy of pastas and flatbread too.
Yes-The Flavors of Ernest Hemingway-is inspired (licensed) the far flung adventures and output o the American legend-so how perfect that the Sun Always Rises is a spicy intoxicating Bloody Mary Mix-just add vodka...a twist on the original from the author's fav Harry's bar---with a dollop of Dijon mustard.
Our time in France introduced us to  Ajvar-a spicy magical mix of red pepper based  thick chunky relish spread-bursts with flavor-hails from Macedonia and Serbia. MAMA's Home Style Ajvar -Traditional Homemade Recipes-features this creative ready to eat appetizer worthy eastern European staple...packaged well too-in glass jars.  Ingredients that are 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or artificial colors-included ripe roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant, sunflower oil and sea salt. 
Hot version to use-straight outta the jar-as a spread on crackers or chunks of crusty bread, , mixed in omeletes or risotto, and as a change of BBQ sauce...with grilled eats, 

Gourmet to go is always the best when someone else makes it...including the folks at aromatic Urbani Truffles that had Fancy Food attendees lined up for their summations white goat cheese pizzas-with the crispiest crusts...fresh tomatoes and basil...topped off with their precious sinfully delicious black truffle oil...ahhh.
Gourmet to go is always the best when someone else makes it...including the folks at aromatic Urbani Truffles that had Fancy Food attendees lined up for their staggeringly sumptuous white goat cheese pizzas-with the crispiest crust...fresh tomatoes and basil...topped off with their precious sinfully delicious white truffle oil...ahhh.


BEST NEW KITCHEN APPLIANCE-Speedy Eats and Convenience-maybe what one really needs is a new kitchen appliance-a soon to be shelf staple-that had media attendees begging for a demo model-even we did!

From Panansonic-an easy to use countertop Induction Oven-with a simple LED screen touch menu -that makes cooking one's favorite dish-practically idiot proof AND fast-with meals in under 20 minutes!
Induction and double infrared technologies- allow for one meal dishes-that can be-amazingly baked, grilled, reheated and more. WOW!!! Designed for today's time crushed eaters - this new appliance-has  a downward far-infrared heat and upward induction high power-with a grill plate that removes excess oil---allowing the circulating steam to naturally enhance the flavors. 
included-26 recipe suggestions-basically assemble-cut/slice prepare ingredients...and place on the dish washer safe aluminum grill pan (included)-select cooking method from the easy to use LED screen...with even pre-programmed auto menus. Practically effortless indeed

prepare-heat and eat-recipes developed by Culinary Institute of America's chef! This grill can even deliver BBQ seared sizzle grill worthy well as baked, reheat and steam options. There's also an adjustable temperature control-which we guess would be handy when cooking at higher altitudes. MSRp $599.99