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MEHRON BEAUTY-Trendy Crystal Lips Made Easy

Insta-fabu-lips – Instagram’s Hottest Lip Trend DIY with Mehron

One of the most fun makeup looks that we feel-many ages can rock-is the glammy crystal lips ---made easy with Mehron's-full bling  Precious Gem Powder-or the more 'subtle' kissers using Mehron's Metallic Powder.

 THE 411:

Metallic Powders: Available in 7 shades the Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid is a set with unlimited design possibilities. The ultra-fine Metallic Powder Makeup can create dramatic makeup designs and effects. The soft Metallic Powder Makeup is finely crafted, evenly blended and formulated to add dynamic shiny accents to any makeup look.

Precious Gem Powders:  Available in 19 shades Precious Gem Powders deliver high luster, drama and intensity to achieve any extreme beauty look. From enhanced every day looks to all out drama these rich, silky sparkling powders are versatile enough to be applied from to head-to-toe for any occasion.

To create the look use the Mehron Mixing Liquid with the Metallic Powder or Precious Gem Powders to create an intense metallic opaque color that is water resistant. Line your lips with the new mixture using a makeup brush, like the Paradise Makeup AQ™ Brushes, to create perfect intense lines that won’t budge!