Friday, September 16, 2016

READY GOURMET FOODS:Delicious+Convenience

the easiest dessert to make-arguably the best=s'mores-of course elevate the flavor with homemade marshmallows and rich deep Fair Trade single source chocolate-from Dagoba...with classic Honey Maid Graham crackers
We know meal delivery subscribers who really like to cook-using Blue Apron, Happy Meals, Plated etc.for its precious time-saving no need to shop benefits -or  stock a variety of ingredients they rarely use.
For us-there's no appeal however; the 30-40 minutes needed to prepare the meals are too much...
Which is why totally prepared meals and gourmet convenient products (sophisticated+idiot proof)- like-spice blends and just add hot water/simmer -chef worthy entrées, sophisticated soups, internationally inspired appetizers and tasty sides...are a booming business...of which we saw hundreds of eating offerings at the most recent Fancy Food show.

Some highlights that tantalize the tastebuds...

This Japanese import-is practically a daily sip for us-naturally prebiotic loaded (fermentation process involved here) and healthy. NOW instant Miso soups...just add water and heat-are organic and/or without the headache inducing MSG (finally).
MARUKOME MISO SOUP-from Japan-instant miso soup is delicious-comes in a few flavors...
including Tofu (pictured) Green Onion and Nori Seaweed. FYI-made from non-genetically modified soybeans.

our sample of traditional soup stock with bonito fish powder- Marukome Miso&Easy -was made into soup but handy for many recipes too-an organic one is available too...comes in plastic squeeze bottles. 

EDEN Instant Organic Miso Soups-in white miso(rice miso, kudzu tofu, green onions and red miso soup (red miso, kudzu EDEN wakame , green onions (scallions))-  insta hits with attendees-so much-they ran out of samples PDQ. Taste wise-perfect-traditional delicious -the free dried cubes (four 8 gram cubes/box in individual packets-easily dissolve in 8oz of hot water. Gluten free, no MSG, utilized yeast extract or "untoward" additives.

NONA LIM Soup Cups-just heat up-these fragrant Asian blends of spices and flavors-
are simply transporting. 10oz heat+sip cups-flavors include Miso soup and
carrot ginger, and Tomato Thai Basil. 
now we're talking' SIZE...American made in the traditional Japanese style-premium Organic Soy Free  Chickpea MISO MASTER ORGANIC. USDA Organic, non-GMO verified, Gluten of several traditional,  mellow (premium quality for f soups) and sweet miso (soups-but also scrumptious dips, salad dressings, spreads)by this new for us distributer company, Great Eastern Sun. They ship too- B2C and B2B.


our first breakfast in New Orleans-was garlic grits-we Northerners couldn't handle (stomach) it but no doubt, plenty of folks can. Southern Culture's well packaged Garlic & Herb Stone Ground Grits-carefully selected Georgia grits with garlic and dried herbs-imo-eat as a side dish with shrimp at night...just add water+simmer up
also from Southern Culture foods-and "O-list" anointed...Shortstack Pancake and Waffle Mixes including yummy (and gluten free, no powdered dairy, lactose free, non-GMO) Meyer Lemon Blueberry flavor -made with Organic flour, blueberries, organic sugar, Meyer lemon powder, baking soda, and salt....make this a vegan pancake-by using soy or almond milk+vegetable oil instead of egg yolk, milk and butter.
Najla's Specialty Foods, Inc Kentucky Bourbon Pie CLASSIC PECAN - made easy-just pour in a bowl,  add eggs+ melted butter...pour into a pie shell and bake. One jar good for one deep dish or 2 shallow size pies (or pie bars, mini tastes). FYI no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and free of preservatives
SELECT SEASONING BLENDS -aka Get the Taste Bud Party Started
URBAN ACCENTS aka "...your culinary wingman..." targets specific foods with its inventive spice+ seasoning blends...very smart. Fruit Grillers make a backyard fav-into a gourmet treat! Pictured-a warm sweet/slightly spicy blend of brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and aromatic ginger-Honey Vanilla Fruit Griller (each pack is good for 3 lbs)-delicious sprinkled on peaches, 

Corn on the Cob Seasonings-Urban Accents...Chipotle Parmesan (slightly spicy with chipotle peppers, Parmesan cheese, salt+pepper) and Spicy Chili Lime-chili, cayenne, lime+garlic-shake on or blend into some melted butter-makes crunchy juicy corn on the cob a gourmand vegetable. Sugar+gluten free.
Mushroom Truffle Gravy Starter Seasoning Blend-rich gravy that embellishes food from side dishes like creamy mashed therein deal meats made easier-just add butter, floured stock to this aromatic (onion, garlic, black pepper) seasoning blend-with dried shitakis, porcini, truffle mushrooms-full flavor addition to marinades, sauces, or sprinkle right on veggies prior to cooking imo. Makes 4-6 servings per...
Standout Sides Seasoning Blends (4 in all -pictured- Herby Dill & Garlic-with dill, lemon and garlic)-elevate veggies to a premium status to blend into butter-or sprinkle on prior to cooking.  

SPICE CAVE-cleverly has four season blends targeting food groups...Land-garlic-y with hints of mustard (for anything that walks), Sea-lemony-fresh ground pepper/herbs (anything that swims), Wind- herbs, garlic+onion, hint of orange peel,  (anything that flies) and Fire-coconut palm sugar, smoky hints of cayenne+paprika (sweet heat for any dish). Certified Paleo+Whole30...gluten free, no MSG, non-GMO. 
Dean Jacobs Bread Dipping Seasonings-4 flavors Sicilian, Parmesan, Tuscany and the Rosa Maria make restaurant quality bread sipping 
easy - with-2tbsp of olive olive per 1 tsp of seasoning

Dean Jacob's Mixed Grill Rubs -in humorous  Road Kill Grill tins...that "...makes all critters taste great..."

Dimply's RUB&GRILL (Liberty Richter) -four focused spice blends-dry rub seasonings are made using all natural premium ingredients -gluten free, vegan (yes use on veggies-grilled tempeh too) and free of MSG. Seal-able single use pouches keep them all fresh...not pictured Oklahoma Steak dry rub seasoning=a flavor loaded aromatic zero calorie way to pump up the eats-made with sea salt, spices-like black pepper+dill seeds, garlic (dried)+sunflower oil 

sample packet pictured-Wooldand Farms MANITOU Trading Company was a SOFI Award with their new Pilpelchuma Seasoning-which translates into pepper garlic-is distinct crushed chili peppers (5 varieties of ground chili) and garlic typically used to season foods from Libya+Israel... rehydrate with water-to make a smooth paste-as well as adding to sauces, or root vegetables prior to roasting.. BTW-this company also makes full flavored fusion blends sacred grains, world pastas, & wholesome legumes-using ancient grains, quinoa or risotto rice- all with fantastic spice mixes that are practically idiot proof to make-requiring water (or broth), simmering and stirring.