Friday, March 20, 2015

LACOSTE Limited Edition L12 Hybrid Tennis Racquet #BeautifulTennis

Game set match…actually ads…with tennis gurus in on the development of the L12...above Guy Forget

Alain Gallais

Seen at the media preview-in NYC

Say bonjour to the limited edition L12 Tennis racquet-set for sale next month (i.e. soon) that was one of many highlights NYC media got to see yesterday.

Made from old school 70%  woods (3 different kinds-different spots-different purposes) and new school 30% super tough High Modulus graphite that gets woven into fibers-like wool-very unique- and bonded to the wood surface wit resin-this hybrid hitter-is comfortable, shock absorbing, delivers a powerful swing=high performance-and control -with that sweet spot serious tennis players covet.

Handsome too- a clean white with dark green accents…and of course, Le Croc-a signature logo---symbolizing tennis giant and company founder René Lacoste.

Made in Albertville, France---the L12 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet took 3 years of dedicated research to craft---and given the multiple steps-  (hours of labor) to conjure up one racquet-the numbers are limited to 650-with individual finishes---and unique markings-numbered, and the stats like head size, tension, weight balance imprinted on the side above the wrapped grip.