Monday, March 16, 2015

Jurassic World @ Toy Fair Preview


Movies thematically speaking-are lifestyle brands… no matter the market niche or audience locale. And one delivering soon-by Universal Pictures...

Set for the big screen (3D too) on June 12th, 2015 -action picture Jurassic World will entertain millions of humans, captivating eyeballs-including those of adventurists there for the thrills, dinosaur junkies who can effortlessly spell all those dino names, kids of all ages---and nostalgic types who remember the first Steven Spielberg's iconic installment-Jurassic Park.
baby sibling fingers-maybe pet tails…might be tempting---but no worries, the bite looks fierce but isn't---The Ultimate Tyrannosaurus Rex $34.99-push down on its tail and beast roars before its mouth shuts. Runs on 2 AA batteries
We're not giving away the ending-ha ha-but during the most recent Toy Fair, we did get a preview clip of the flick that stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard (who had a leading role in M. Night Shyamalan's goose bump inducing film The Village)…and a media sneak peek of the fun FUN FUN consumer products by Hasbro, Kellogg's,  Lego-plus many others...set to deliver soon.
Jurassic World Indominus Rex $34.99  takes a nip…requires 2 AA batteries-not an electronic toy per se but tricked out with special effects that elevate the fun aspects 
How do we know the figurines, apparel, gear, games etc will be super popular…well the little humans there courtesy of their parental units-were enthusiastically swarming the merch cleverly laid out for interactive pursuits- in a super well staged brunch event that was a highlight of our week-easy.
prehistoric predator has color-morphing skin on her back

Fav-Velociraptor claws $19.99 foam raptor claws

on right basic figure assortment has either chomping jaws or thrashing tails…10 dino figures in all  $9.99/per …on left Chomping Dino hand puppet $19.99

Kellogg's USA assorted fruit flavored snacks-fat+gluten free -made of real fruit
Playskool Heroes-Jurassic World Deluxe Vehicle Dino Tracker Copter,  Tyrannosaurus Rex (lights+sound), Velociraptor, Stegosaurus

 Tyrannosaurus Rex (lights+sound) Playskool Heroes

LEGO---get ready to add to collections all over the planet---!
obsessed yet? Jurassic World Deluxe Vehicle Assortment-including Dino Tracker  4x4 vehicle with detachable capture cage, dinosaur figure+human per kit $19.99
Pteranodon Capture-chopper $19.99-w/ 2 mini-figures, net shooter, spinning helicopter blades, tranquilizer shooter...  and T.Rex Tracker-truck w/ room for 2 mini-motorbike, T.Rex cage,  4 mini-figures, removable lab unit $69.99
Indominus Rex Breakout $129.99-hybrid dino fun -key features=New Indominus rex, Triangular Pen with Breakout Function, Helicopter with Helipad, 4 Mini figures (including Dr. Wu), Gyroball, Amber with Mosquito 

Fast Forward Backpacks, Bendon Publishing coloring+activity books, Random House Children's Books

Wear it-Accessory Innovations headwear, Freeze, Fifth Sun Apparel,