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TEXTILES-Outdoor+Lifestyle Schoeller® Technologies 2013/4


The technical powers of fabrics enable humans to a lot of activities-safely+comfortably. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers rely on their apparel and gear to keep them warm, dry, sweat free and impervious to the elements. And fabric applications can save lives…which is why the military often funds a lot of textile research/discoveries.

Fashion designers, too-embrace cutting edge fabrics…and probably do so,  more so going forward…especially if/when consumers demand more from their clothing---right alongside all that other wearable technology.

From Schoeller® Technologies, three newer bluesign® approved textile treatments will soon find their way into the apparel offerings of many labels-probably beginning with athletic and work oriented brands…

Ecorepel® is one of the very few environment-friendly water and dirt repelling, odorless high-tech finishes for fabrics- out there-that's biodegradable and very abrasion and wash resistant. Meaning, the treatment will last through laundry cycles. Why this matters- is that most DWR finishes-even those used by the 'greenest' of labels-contain fluorocarbons (the man-made kind are potent contributors to greenhouse gases). FYI: according to the company-Ecorepel® costs no more than conventional finishes.

Solar+™ helps textiles of any color absorb the sun's rays-even thin fabrics…to better provide warmth. Akin to how reptiles soak up the sun and warm themselves, the solar+ finish helps wearers avoid heat loss-providing for additional warmth without the bulk possibilities. PLUS- doesn't affect a fabric's breathability, is easy care/washable, and abrasion resistant.

Flame protection isn't just needed by emergency workers, safety personnel and the military….which is why Schoeller's Pyroshell™-a permanent flame protection for synthetic fabrics should find its beyond those niches…fairly quickly, imo. Breathability, wind and weather protection, tear-out force, abrasion resistance, lightness and stretchy properties-all on board when pyroshell™ flame protection fabric is used.