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FFANY-Sixth Avenue, NYC

Words/Images JudithEcochard

WELL..looking at shoes all the live long day---is not a bad way to pass the time.

Especially when we know that stopping into a certain showroom in midtown...will serve up some eye candy for the feet.

Madeline is a value proposition with style...nothing we saw for Spring/Summer 2011 crosses the $65 mark with most in the $39-$49 range.

And all we kept thinking was "cute, cute, cute."

A tad above the Payless proposition but we liked this vegan line for it's suave use of materials that look a lot more expensive the DNA of it all.

Styles that are spot on for the season too.

Feminine slingbacks and pumps...(no those heels will not snap off)
Nice cut out pattern...BEAL in Light Pewter New Bone 
MAIRIN chic ruffles in neutrals and bold Fushia

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Animal print lining in GILDA=FUN patents

 Peep toes...

AARON pretty embellishments for Boho chic---contrast textures add a bot of sophistication to a 70's vibe.
Extreme wedges are a carry-over from Winter Boot staples ....and are the heel to walk on. So comfortable---with many upper options.
Slide onto ANGELICA with Fabric uppers in 6 colors.

Beyond the REALM---all of $65

 Cute flats and heels---multi-straps/caged construction rule for the inheritors of the Gladiator---now as classic a style as the clog.

THE DETAILS ROsette cut-outs...the STACIE wedge

Metal Studs (ADALIA)  and Chain metal straps=nice black and metallics


Ship Dates start late January on

NICOLE is chic...really---footwear made from soft leathers and natural materials...priced in the sweet spot of contemporary shoes....low to mid 100's, typically.

Oversized wedges with a mix of uppers...closed toe leathers, multi-straps with nice stones...

...the leathers, btw--- are buttery soft...and the footbed is spongy...walk worthy.

ARTISTIC ---well that works! $145

Stylish enough for work, a fav AMBLE $99

Casual rope wedge with nice leather multi-ankle strap upper  WASPY $109


The EAGER flat lace-ups with oxford punch-outs ($119)...a nod to menswear and spot on trendwise, for all the minimalist styles we saw all over some runways...

Denim boot shorty is we think---destined for greatness. A versatile footy...ASSERTIVE $150

Our go to heel for  day to night are chic flats with a bit of heel when we have to walk everywhere...and for more height and style --- a chunky solid one---we think both more graceful than a wedge. On us, anyway.

Nicole has some offerings that are lookers---especially the samples with embellishments---quality not the junk we see aimed at tweeners. Fringes are subtle, not dated, stones are polished and real... perfect with summery frocks, jeans or shorts---cutoffs or the more tailored ones that have gone mainstream, finally--- after three years on the runway.

The multi-tasker...CURIOUS  $135

HONORED $115 and DARING $105

DAPPER-premium leather fringes $105

Reptile textures...always "IN"




Urban fashion for the feet with a take it easy™ motto...

Styles start to ship now---and then in waves through Spring 2011.