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More Holiday Fair Fun:

It’s a real compliment on our part….that the NFL Women’s Apparel is truly “Fit For You”….inspiring non- fans, yes they exist, to maybe seek out the very stylish, form fitting separates.

The NFL in general is a mighty marketing machine par excellence…and the latest bunch of lifestyle branding---for gals, we thought--- adorable.

Bling worthy jewelry, bedazzled and plush flip-flops, feminine watches, and movie star sunglasses…

...FABULOUS clothing items (tees---with cute burnouts in soft polyester/cotton, hoodies, fleeces, socks)…

...are all well done…often in collaboration with activewear makers like Reebok, VF, Modo, Concept One, and G-III. This pictured Saints shirt...with the braided incredibly popular.

In all sizes too.

Widely available –Kohls. Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s Dick’s Sporting Goods…and online.

PLUS: Worth cheering about--- the NFL hosted 5k walk/runs Fit For You…with proceeds supporting the NFL Play 60 Challenge-a joint program of the NFL and the American Heart Association that inspires kids to de-connect from electronics and get an hour of physical activity a day.

PRIVATE EYES had us laughing away…what a genius idea. Founder Magaret Bjork was a stand-up comedian and conjured up the message emblazoned items to “provide inner strength and motivation to women through witty inspiration on high—quality undies…” (95% cotton/5% Lycra)

We thought the “Don’t Text Him” printed up side down for the wearer to read…a must wardrobe staple…but there are many selections aimed at giving females a boost in the corporate environment…like “Fake It Till You Make It.”

Custom messages are available too---in bikini briefs, boy shorts, and thong cuts.

Given the health benefits of red wine’s anti-oxidant’s resveratrol and  polyphenols- that are supposed to fight damaging free radicals---we thought the paba free DeVine Lip Shimmers™ perfect stocking stuffers. Available in soft tints Rose and Merlot, the moisturizing/easy carry balms impart just a bit of color. No taste of wine FYI.

Available at Walgreens…and online,

S2 jeans (stands for size 2, btw) is a Midwest based company that uses top indigo denim to make fab women’s premium bootcut styles and cute, cap sleeve tees.

The fit is exceptional---with a lower rise, tapered in the knee for a sleek profile---and made with some stretch.

There’s a larger story though….as co-founder Dave Jackson’s mission trip to Haiti, post-earthquake- led to a collaboration with The Hope Of Haiti Foundation ---whereby S2 “adopted the Haitian village of Z’Orange.”

Three percent of S2's gross profit goes to the aforementioned locale---helping to rebuild the heavily (tragically) damaged infrastructure. Fitting also as 2/3rds of Haiti’s exports?  --yup, apparel.

The Body Shop always has well packaged very affordable skin and body care products for everyone on the gift list. Out now are sparklers that can be easily dabbed on or mixed with lip gloss, liquid eyeliner, nail polish etc etc…a nifty way to transform a day look into an amped up night look.

Two makeup palette are out too ---in “Midnight” (purples) and “Twilight” (apricot, gold, black). Good for all skin types with mix/match possibilities.

Who doesn’t like a bargain----we learned about a discount web commerce site with a bevy of brands (11,000 items!!!) for sale…mostly, beauty, haircare, grooming and skin care items. 

High-end brands too including Bobbie Brown, Hermes, Gucci, Angel, Stila etc…at less than retail prices that range from tiny discounts to impressive ones. Plus---everytime we logged on, there was always some special going on including free shipping, gift wrapping etc.

Trimming the tree is a group activity but hey that’s a one off. We think Discovery Bay Games…can provide hours of fun for all ages. We tried the SNL games---based on the hit tv series…that really was funny. It’s kinda of trivia game, grouped by decades of this 30 year plus running show.

We also like the jigsaw puzzles---an activity we find oddly addicting. Discovery Bay has a  “Main Street “ series based on classic Norman Rockwell paintings.

Wallcandy® Arts really got our attention at a holiday fair…not necessarily as a gift, but a terrific way to decorate one’s home---that’s also easily remove-able.

What it is is a bunch of peel and stick-up decals---in kid friendly and adult shapes---- or sheets---including functional, chalk ready blackboards (in square shapes and fun shapes like animals)….that go up easily and brighten up any wall surface. Very cool.

And a very affordable, no funky aroma way to perk up a room without the hassle of painting--- or the ordeal of putting up wallpaper.

BPA Free, Phthalate Free and non-toxic. Made in the USA

This gal looked so relaxed…we had to find out what she was reclining on….

Well, it’s called the WondaWedge, an easily inflatable lounger available in six colors. Beach back support just got really comfy. And we thought this is a great item for outdoor music lovers who cannot stand to stand for the whole concert.

Priced $19.99-$24.99…and custom printing available.

J. Ecochard-Words/ Holiday Fair Images