Friday, September 2, 2016


PALEO-puh-leeeze our ancestors never had such sophisticated flavors...

Savory, smoky, spicy, citrus, and exotic seasonings-worldy ingredients-and fancier packaging...what used to be 'outdoor he man' eats and working class food basics are now=gourmet status.

For years, we've been reviewing smaller company versions of the snack- beef jerky -(that eschew nittrates/nitrites, MSGs and corn syrup found in big company-mass produced versions)...with sophisticated snacks now delivering from a variety of protein sources (regular ole' and wild game) + international flavors-appealing to guys and gals--- and kids.

PLUS-Americans embracing what everyone else on planet earth already does- using the leftover 'stuff'-for cooking fats and bone broths.

Raisins gone glammy -perhaps.

Sausages come in 2 bite size-4 per bag-Duke's Original Recipe 7g of protein, 1g of sugar, 1.5g saturated fat-smoky-salty flavor-natural ingredients including-pork, dried garlic, sugar, natural flavor...

Justin (Duke) Havelik and Eric Havelik-founders Duke's Meats -next to 6 savory flavors of their bite size SHORTY SAUSAGES-latest-Chorizio+Lime

The New Primal-SNACKMATES-has new cutesy packaging-and smaller portions- targeting KIDS...a demographic that has;t been focused on for these kinds of snacks. Turkey version....with hint of honey, lemon peel, black pepper, sea salt, celery, garlic+onion powder+white pepper.  Sampled by family members-these got a big two thumbs up!

The New Primal Snack Mates Kids...classic beef flavor has hints of pineapple juice+honey infused spice dips of onion, pepper, and ginger.
Jason Burke-founder-The New Primal-only uses grass fed, "grass finished," pasture raised animals for his protein sources-hormone free. All products are certified gluten free, 

LORISSA's'S KITCHEN only source 100% grass fed, raised without added hormones +antibiotic free animals. Four flavors-all preservative+MSG free...pictured Ginger Teriyaki-11 grams of protein/serving -chicken breast with brown sugar, cane sugar, tamarin source, chicken broth, sesame seeds, sea salt, ginger, garlic powder, natural flavor+pineapple juice...a fav of the jerky eating family members-premium product with 'cleanest' ingredient label.

Lorissa's Kitchen Sweet Chili-pork w/ red pepper+garlic

Lorissa's Kitchen Szechuan Peppercorn-w/ szechuan peppercorn, black+red pepper, coriander,  and sea salt

who could blame someone for ditching a law career for the food world?? Lawless Jerky's Matt Tolnick-founder of America's Craft Jerky™-seven "never-before-seen-flavors" available, made in micro-batches.
100% grass-fed beef, an hormone-free, antibiotic free pork-pictured PHO Beef Jerky-w/ cilantro,basil mint, star anise,  cinnamon+cloves=medium spicy

EPIC Provisions-.founded by duo Taylor Collins+Katie Forrest just 2.5 years ago (we remember meeting these 2 endurance athletes in August 2014-Outdoor Retailer show...and writing them up when they launched!!!)-is now owned by big company GENERAL MILLS-operating under their Annie's brand (acclaimed for their delicious organic mac'and cheese). The new marketing mission-using the whole animal for its newer and out there already products-including snacks-like bars, bits and bites-are all made from 100% grass fed animals, snacks-plus shelf stable fats and bone broths...
Epic Trail Mix -Hunt+Harvest-5 flavors-pictured Mountain Medley smoky savory jerky-wildflower honey, sea salt,  black pepper, celery+garlic powder w/with dried organic apples+roasted nuts-almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts

A tasty EPIC offering= Wild Caught Salmon bar-for the scores of non-meat eaters out there...we finally tasted a 'jerky' type of bar-and found it  chewy in texture, spicy and VERY FILLING-90 calories a bar delivering 13 grams of protein-cracked pepper, celery, onion and garlic powder...BIG spicy flavor. And currently SOLD OUT
Epic Bone Broth Stock-handy stock for soups, sauces...
EPIC Fats-cooking with animal fats gaining favor in the USA-of course-the rest of the planet has always economically used 'the whole animal'-wasting nothing. 
SOFI WINNER-FANCY Food Show big time Savory Snack award to Little Red Dot  BAK KWA Hickory Smoked Spicy Candied Bacon Jerky-chili pepper, lime juice, brown sugar, green tea with dash of cinnamon=medium heat, medium sweetness
Little Red Dot BAK KWA-takes the Singapore ad Malaysian street style S-E Asian spiced snacks to sophisticated levels-and convenient packaging-from 100% vegetarian fed animals-not given hormones or antibiotics-sourced from family farms-thus traceable origins. Transparency-growing trend in the food industry. Five flavors-beef, pork and turkey based.
KRAVE Jerky-founded by marathoner Jonathan Sebastiani who sold it to HERSHEY (that's right -chocolate company)-has artisans jerky-made form Beef, Pork and Turkey - in bold to mildly spiced  flavors-including interesting-Black Cherry Barbecue-pork, sugar, black cherry juice and tomato paste-with hints of honey, onion powder, granulated garlic, red wine vinegar, molasses, celery seed and paprika.

Trois Petits Couchons-celebrating 40 years Saucisson-traditional French sausages...made across the POND-are preservative free ...ten flavors as well as Spanish style tapas Choizio

FATWORKS...premium cooking oils-founded in 2011---and the Boulder based company now has a slew of animal fats for sale-including rarely seen Buffalo Tallow. Sourced from small farm animals that are grass fed -or-non-GMO soy - grains. FYI SOFI Finalist Fatworks Chicken Schmaltz-placed in Outstanding New Product category.
STOCK OPTIONS-established in 2004-Portland-is a made by chefs for chefs assortment of primo stock and demi-sauces-handmade-and then frozen for use-source from hormone-antibiotic-steroid free animals-n thickness, gluten, preservatives, thickness or added salt. Pictured-the Gourmet Fish Stock is made form filtered water, Pacific Halibut, onions, celery, leeks, carrots, parsley, garlic, peppercorns, thyme, cloves and bay leaves-as close if not better than anything one could make for sure. Impressive.FYI-4 servings per container-with only 10 calories per...and they also make vegetable stock too.Widely available.

PACIFIC FOODS  USDA ORGANIC BONE BROTHS... a company complies with California transparency in supply chains act- with a " Certified to the Source® program that  tracks and ensures that every natural and organic ingredient in every product Pacific Foods makes is of the highest quality and only from a guaranteed source." Four flavors...Chicken Original, and versions with savory Lemongrass, and Ginger...and Turkey with Rosemary, Sage and Thyme. 12 month shelf life.