Monday, September 5, 2016


HALLOWEEN is our fav holiday. 

Imagine the horror (THE HORROR) -discovered on a junior college year abroad- our fav holiday wasn't celebrated in the land of our ancestors.  
bring it ON-
 Butterfingers Peanut Butter Cups Smooth + Crunchy Minis -that comes in harvesting packaging...poppabe treat in festive orange and gold foil...($3.99-10.5oz)...and crispy crunchy smooth rich Butterfingers Peanut Butter Cups Smooth and Cruncnhy Skulls...

MERCIFULLY-that's changed a bit-and here on the other side of the POND-kids of all ages majorly celebrate this holiday-even in schools -costumes abound-from the Principal on down-while adults get in on the act- borrowing a pint sized human -as an excuse to ring those doorbells. 
Place setting-featuring black dinnerware, AND OF COURSE loads of Butterfinger idea-in the Butterfingers Peanut Butter Cups Smooth + Crunchy Minis - come in harvesting packaging...pop-able treats in festive orange and gold foil...($3.99-10.5oz)...or stuff into a paper cone...tie up with string. Colors work for Thanksgiving too-imo.

BUTTERFINGER Peanut Butter Cups Smooth and Crunchy Skulls

MAJOR kudos to Nestle's Butterfingers for their stellar efforts that imo elevates Halloween to the high status it deserves...with  holiday shaped sweets like the new BUTTERFINGER Peanut Butter Cups Smooth and Crunchy Skulls---a rich chocolate molded into skeleton head shape-with that truly addictive - indulgent crispy smooth peanut butter inside.
 Fabulous. Available in singles or 2 packs-in fun graveyard inspired packaging.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!!!!Spider Peanut Butter Cookies using Butterfingers! 

What else: Nestle's ditches the artificial flavors and colors in Butterfinger Halloween offerings AND issues a Pure Life® Limited Edition Share - A -Scare™ Halloween bottles of water...with holiday labels. Available in 24 packs -8oz bottles at mass retailers-nationwide. 

going to a party-candy -in fun containers=ideal gift giving.
PICTURED: Yummy Mummies-created by the talented Evette Rios-Host of Recipe Rehab...
what you'll need assorted Butterfingers candies, empty aluminum can, empty glass jar, rolled gauze, white glue-like mode lodge, water, bowl, google eyes (buy at crafts sore) glue gun, batter operated motive candle (optional)...
DIRECTIONS: cut theory of gauze in half so that you have 2 thinner rolls of gauze...mix the glue 50/50 with water in the bowl, soak the roll of gauze in the glue mixture until the roll is saturated and squeeze out excess glue from the roll...starting at the opening of the can (top) warpath gauze along the top edge of the can and continue to wrap down, cutting off excess length....seperate the gauze on the can with finger to create a space for the eyes and the mouth...repeat with the jar and allow both to dry overnight...glue the google eyes into the space left open for the eyes (feel free to get creative with this and let the bandage slightly cover eyes)...fill the can with your favorite BUTTERFINGERS candies and a battery operated votive candle.