Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Park Hyatt, NYC

With temps reliably dipping...and summer's tans fading (fake or otherwise)...real skin conditions reveal themselves...making NOW the perfect time to prep/correct one's largest organ from the effects of the sun.


At home gadgets aimed at skin rejuvenation are popular for good reason-often FDA approved, these products go through rigorous testing to prove health claims-and really REALLY are easy enough for  time pressed humans (and that wool be everyone) who may also be technically challenged.

Which is why we jumped at the chance to experience the latest products-courtesy of the meetings of the minds-between the at home facial technology inspired by dermaplanning DEMAFLASH (founder Dara Levy) and the best-selling anti-inflammatory PERRICONE MD skincare line based on patented science by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. 

Interesting-an introduction via Connecticut's Senator Joe Lieberman (we asked)...resulted in these two entrepreneurs launch a VERY special limited edition collaboration kit dubbed the Ultimate Exfoliation & Treatment System...that delivers with:

The Dermaflash pre-treatment cleanser-- that removes oil from the face (Step One)... 

...The breakthrough DERMAFLASH device with  (6 replacement blades- in a cartridge tray)--- features a gentle edge combined with subtle sonic vibration that painlessly removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz (all ladies are born with, fyi), at perfect angles for one's facial structure (that's right so stop using a razor-yikes)...resulting in smooth radiant skin (Step Two)... 

...Followed by the Perricone MD's amazing non-rinse Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment-an amped up micellar based Blue Plasma cleansing treatment-that once applied on cotton pad- 'sweeps' the skin (Step Three) and magically lifts seen/unseen /the aforementioned dead cells/dirt/grime (trust us-this is so true)...

...With a grand finale- Perricone MD's luscious cream- OVM treatment-packaged in a screw jar top-that gets dabbed on skin with fingers-is readily absorbed-delivering (via a proprietary system) the anti-aging benefits of dermis stalwart Retinol (encouraging cell-turnover-minimizing appearance of fine lines/wrinkles) -without any inflammation, flaking or peeling- thanks to the inclusion of unique ingredients-Eggshell membrane (full of peptides, proteins, and nutrients), a stabilized effective version of Vitamin C Ester (a worshipped skin brightener), and anti-radical slayer, Vitamin E.   

This ultimate exfoliation - treatment system certainly had us happy-with skin fully radiant and hydrated (not greasy) and smooooth...that post sunscreen (and we also tried the anti-aging Perricone MD Pre Empt Serum application)- and 'makeup' application- the genius Perricone MD "NO MAKEUP SKINCARE"---3 fast steps (foundation, bronzer, blush-a trio that works for all skin types/ethnicities...had us as selfie ready as we have ever been 

Impressive---and quick-the entire Dermaflash routine requiring maybe 10 minutes tops. 

THE 411:
The limited-edition Ultimate Exfoliation & Treatment System from DERMAFLASH and Perricone MD and retails for $229 (a $286.50 value) and will be available at,,,, and in select Nordstrom stores while supplies last. 

Demaflash can be used 1x week-1x/month...while the aforementioned Perricone MD products can be used daily.