Monday, September 12, 2016

AMPED UP EATS: Athlete Essentials Part 2

To carb or not to carb...that is the question for some athletes-especially the extreme controllers of their diet types...Paleos included.

Pasta not a biggie in our household-but we did a major rethink now that added proteins are naturally built -for more nutritious and satisfying servings.

EXPLORE Cuisine...gets it right for pasta lovers-and /or those with a no-no list of food ingredients-with its-non-GMO, USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher...yada yada yada-plant based bean and pulse 'pastas' -naturally embedded with protein from plant based legumes/beans.  Delicious-easy to prepare too-just cook in boiling water like one would the wheat based kind. No compromise on taste or texture imo-we served our Organic Chickpea Spaghetti up al dente with organic tomato sauce (just prepare and serve up with the extras-like you would any pasta)...and felt transported to Italy and the Far East where soybean noodles-and those super low cal ones made from white yam-are a staple. There's a bunch of spaghetti and fettuccine 'like' products made from various combos of beans -including mung, adzuki, black and soybean-plus edamame, red-green lentil, and chickpea...and soon fuselli made from bean -also will deliver. Really impressive-nutrition wise=20-25 grams of plant protein per serving, 11 grams of dietary fiber, some calcium and iron-clocking in at 210 calories per filling serving. 

Popular cheddar and parmesan crisps...are appealing to athletes (and those seeking sugar free, zero carb snacks)-delivering tasty high protein...and now from The Probiotic Cheese Company-Probiotic Cheddar Bites...'The New Fit Food" with hits of black pepper spice. NICE. (Original version too). FYI naturally lactose free, trans fat free, gluten free too. 

This is our definition of healthy dried fruit-organic and without added sugar cane and sunflower oil-which most other brands seem to do. 

CRISPY FRUITS by Crispy not decoding about a clean ingredient label-as over used as that buzzword is becoming-there is NOTHING ELSE-but the tasty crispy dried fruits...packaged in resealable if one wouldn't eat the whole 35- 40 calorie bag. Every sample we tried-was truly delicious-from non-GMO verified fruits like mango, apple, Asian pears, cantalope, bananas, pineapple, and a first for us-tangerines. No additives, preservatives-freeze dried to perfection-by removing the water...the true essence of each fruit flavor is preserved. Remarkable tasting-almost melt in your mouth fabulous-def keep kids happily away from candy without a fuss/fight-we wish we'd see these was post race food-vs the usual BBQ junk. Bonus-long shelf life-so good snacking and one can just as easily sprinkle over yogurt or cereal-as mix in  a batter of muffins, pancakes, or cookies. VERY WIDELY available...

ACTIVATED SUPERFOOD POPCORN by Living Intentions-includes readily absorbable-2 billion CFUS of friendly probiotic cultures in each -depending on the flavor---other superfood seasonings and extra micronutrients- adding up to one healthy handful of USDA Organic- non-GMO crunchy popcorn snacks. Interesting-this exhibitor had a lot of interest from we have never seen amped up popcorn like this. The savory Tandori Turmeric popcorn-with sunflower oil has all around big spicy flavor-def decent heat courtesy of natural anti-inflammatory fresh turmeric and ashwagandha extract plus coriander, chili, garlic, red bell pepper, paprika, cumin, lemon peel, onions, and Himalayan crystal salt. ADDED PLUS-very well done packaging-that would appeal to millennials a well as the nutty crunchy bunch...
Activated Salsa Verde Superfood popcorn- is movie watching worthy-
with a sophisticated addition of added aromatic herbs, spices and heat from jalapeños.
.PLUS superfoods spiraling, choral and kale-
energy activators-without the yech grassy taste of those drinks. YAY. 

Activated Smokey Barbecue Sprouted Seeds
...sprouted seeds bursting with sweet/salt/smokey of tangy BBQ.
 -vegan, gluten free and USDA organic.