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Fancy Foods Show- Javits Center NYC

Part 2

Snacks for many-are a way of eating 'small plates' throughout the day-right outta the bag. And like breakfast cereals...the offerings are getting amped up with nutritional value-notably out with the bad stuff (trans fats, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, funky preservatives) and in with the 'good.'

Could crunchy eats be worthy of entrée status? Not really but some delicious chips based on vegetable/beans-deliver some grams protein/serving and other vitamins etc..and if paired with the right dip-like hummus...def. qualify in our house.

At the very least when one indulges in a crispy munchie -there can be some nutritional payback.

 Noteworthy trends-plain ole' chips-even cleverly packaged-seemingly absent from the Fancy Food Show aisles-unless spiced up or made with healthier oils, crispy chip alternative based on beans, rice and vegetables-continue to grow with new flavors-usually spicier ones...PLUS practically all are NON-GMO, and gluten free that we saw-imo thanks to Vermont labeling laws for that (yay)...and chickpeas seem to be the new peanuts!

(Calorie wise-range from 100-150 serving typical-but think about it-unless single serve portions-tough to munch on "1" serving portion).


(Think some humans will balk at eating alternative chips-just put'em in a big bowl-and sit down o watch the game on the big screen-they'll disappear by the 3rd quarter (bottom of the 6th, 2nd period, first half stoppage time...etc.)

Family owned (and named after mom)...DANG Applewood BBQ Onion Chips (other flavors too)-crispy snacks with smokey/sweet flavor-made from whole onions-not corn meal!

Winner of the SOFI Best Snack Award in 2014-DANG Coconut Chips-crunchy snack made from Thai Coconuts-with sweet/salt taste-four other flavors including 'hot' savory bacon +chili lime. Family owned-Certified B Corporation,

Beanfields-packaging of these crispy chips says it all including 200% more fiber, 36% less fat, and 150% more protein than 'typical'nacho-tortilla chip-worthy substitute for sure-black+navy bean and brown rice based. Family owned biz that's a Certified B corporation, non-GMO, gluten free...vegan, allergen friendly...many flavors including unsalted.

Jalapeño Nacho-hotest chip from Beanfields---crush this add crunch on a salad. fyi 5 grams protein/140 calories serving-6 servings in a bag

Beanitos is a crispy whole bean-rice based chip-no corn, wheat or potatos-flash fried in safflower oil...several flavors including White Bean Chips---5 grams protein, NON-GMO certified and gluten free
our fav-baked White Bean crunch tastes like a  cheese doodle-without that weird orange grease...and with 4 grams protein per serving!
Beanitos-Garden Fresh Salsa...zesty savory herb-tomato flavoring.

R.W GARCIA-NON-GMO -gluten free- pulse based chips-latest twist ona tortilla chip-but better-IMO. Stone ground white corn main is the ingredient with added green lentils with amaranth, black beans-with red quinoa and chia seeds,  or garbanzo (chickpeas) beans with red bell pepper flakes-for munchy crisps healthier holder for salsa..delicious! Bonus points-the company is a member of the sustainable food trade organization

Rhythm Superfood Broccoli Bites 3 flavors.we tried Asian Citrus-tangy citrus (lemon juice, orange, ginger)-tamari soy sauce blend topped with sunflower seeds+cashews-delivers 7 grams of protein/150 calories per serving-way more than plain ole' steamed broccoli-but more fun to eat...and portable

BEET CHIPS-are dehydrated-so preserve nutritional integrity...full of nitrates, fiber and potassium-we loved these-dried not fried so 100 calories a serving for the NAKED version...pictured BEET CHIPS with sea salt (130 calories/serving) and cinnamon +coconut sugar (130 calories serving). Gluten Free and NON-GMO verified
"SUPERFOODS" an overused cliché imo-nonetheless RHYTHM SUPERFOODS Broccoli Bites-def have more nutritional value than most chips-and better yet, will sway even the veggie phobic kids. These crisp treats-flavorful and addictive...naturally-have fiber, Vitamins A, B6, C and potassium. And yes-this company makes fab Kale Crisps and Roasted Kale too.

Based in Thailand-in partnership with an Australian company GREENDAY vacuum fries  vegetables-including crunchy gluten free, natural broccoli chips
like how it comes in easy to store boxes ...available in Targets in Australia----
CRISPY TROPICAL FIELDS  Broccoli Florets and Broccoli Chips are also made with vacuum frying tech that preserves the nutrients without soaking up the used 'sustainable'palm oil (too much). Very lightly salted-Made by ALLI&ROSE-fidn these at Costco---as well as other outlets (Wegmans etc)
ALLI&ROSE also has mixed vegetable chips-also vacuum fried-reall veggies- and fruit based treats

we first tried these PEELED SNACKS Peas Please. out in Deere Valley Utah-crunchy satisfying-not too greasy(baked)-with an slight onion-cheddar flavor in one tried-main ingredient is Organic Whole Grain Pea Flour-120 calories/serving-5 grams of protein... Non-GMO, gluten free  USDA ORGANIC ..made by a company founded in NYC by NOHA Waibsnaider--Certified B Corporation that makes a point of knowing its veggie/fruit suppliers. 4 flavors.

GOODNESS INSIDE TURBANA PLAINTAIN CHIPS-small thin crispy chips akin to most root vegetable chips-and very tasty-made from green plantain with palmolein though- (processed palm oil) and salt - 130 calories serving-widely available including Walmart/Amazon...tried the slightly salted version- makes a good munchie. Paleo friendly too.


with humble Boulder Colorado based beginnings-now big company owned-Boulder Canyon's DNA has always been abut the kettle cooked potato chips -with eco mantra as far as manufacturing and packaging goes...way before other food companies 'got it.' Healthier oils-impart healthier saturated fats which these days-are not regarded as evil-depending...with zero trans fats or cholesterol...liked the crispy OIL OIL kettle cooked chips-3 simple ingredients-potatoes, olive oil and salt-7 grams of fat - broken down -1 gram of saturated fat, 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat and 1 gram of monounsaturated fat...

new flavors AVOCADO OIL Canyon Cut (wavy) Jalapeõ (hint of onion and garlic-but with corn syrup solids) and Malt Vinegar Sea Salt-nice balance of malt vinegar and salt flavor -kettle cooked buttery- thin crispy potato chips using avocado oil-

New Oils-used for kettle cooked chips-on the right-Coconut Oil-NON-GMO,  certified gluten free, vegan -lightly sea salted 130 calories a serving -6 grams of saturated fat-3 simple ingredients-pottos, coconut oil and sea salt.
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