Friday, July 15, 2016


Part 3
Fancy Food Show 2016

Classic chips, pretzels and popcorn don't make the 'cut' subtle and complex flavors of earthy sweetness or a bit of salty heat-elevate this snack staples- joined by the new healthier munchies made from nutrient dense grains, beans, plants, and even cheese! No-GMO and Gluten Free dominate the consumers even expect their snacks to live up to being part of their overall healthier lifestyle these days.

Say hello to the the new nacho cheese chip on the block-WAY BETTER Nacho Cheese whole grain corn chips conjures up stadium fav without the gooey fear of clogging up blood flowing arteries.  massively popular at the Fancy Food Show-fyi-the samples went pronto! Chia and sprouted seeds add extra texture to these thin crisps. NON-GMO verified.

New Orleans is acclaimed for its spicy regional specialties -and local fav now nationwide distributed Zapps's Kettle Style potato chips are crispy -greasy int that bar food- finger licking way...
we tried these-subtle heat flavored Zapp's Potato Chips New Orleans Kettle Style VOODOO-a result of an employee error serves up the first fun chip 

Airy textured puffs of crunch made from a grain powerhouse that can be popped just like corn- QUINOA POPS-from HIGHLAND FARM FOODS-are as fun to eat for kids as well as grownups - made from grains sourced from local Equador farmers growers-as is the not too sweet chocolate-eco bonus points-a member of 1% For The Planet make this a win win snack that hits the sweet as well as crunch spot.

Snikiddy Baked Fries-NON-GMO-Gluten Free-half the fat of potato chips-but not noticeable to the eater (us)-these thin slices of corn snacks have crunchy addictive spice flavor (2 others too) that is tad more strong than most snacks we tasted-ideal for those crave the hotter bites in life. 
picky eater cat approved-fitting since name of the company is a riff on the word "persnickety" 

Snikiddy Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs---super sized airy puffs with crunchy authentic cheese flavor them -even ate after our cat licked a few.

might be tempted to sprinkle grated parmigiana and dip in some tomato sauce ...Pasta Bow-Ties baked not fried-have enough flavor on their own...!

Pasta lovers will absolutely love these elegantly light- thin crisps-that magically evoke a mouthful of glutinous Italian pasta-but in a way more fun, less fat-than chips-and less calorie dense-crunchy snack. Surprised us how addictively good these snacks are-really do taste like that hard wheat staple. Impressive. NON-GMO Vintage Italia Pasta Bow-Ties come in several flavors, are made right here in the USA...and are available in 5 ounce bags nationwide.
Baked not popped-SNACKS 101 claims to seal in the flavor with less oil-though happily we felt had the same satisfying airy crunch of 'regular' popcorn. As we saw in Bolder Canyon chips-Snacks 101 uses heart healthier,  coconut oil for its four flavors -is NON GMO and Gluten free  We tired the Sea Salt-had just the right amount of salty crunch-made of 3 ingredients-popcorn, pure coconut oil, and sea salt. Simple ingredients rule.

We first tried the sea salt flavor of BIENA chickpeas at a Snack Attack Editor Showcase over a year ago-and these crispy crunchy chickpeas happily  replace the usual pretzels at hosted cocktail fetes . PLUS sports loving' bar regulars as well as the kids will also cheer these on approved too-with each satisfying serving-a small handful- delivering protein (4Grams), 8% Iron (big deal to those who are vegetarians) and 6 grams of dietary fiber. The  Rockin'Ranch has  tomato garlic hits with parsley mustard while Habanero-heats up with lemony pepper flavor-IMO goes great with a cooling cold beer

One might know SAFFRON ROAD products-better from the frozen food aisle-but this Halal™ certified brand makes a slew of snacks too...including crunchy chickpeas...inspired by world cuisine-particularly sub Asia region.

Nifty flavor-Saffron Road-Cucumber Dill-has cucumber powder+onion/garlic adds a flavorful twist to what is usually a spicer chip type made from lentil/garbanzo flour...exotic bite that would pair well with smooth yogurt based dips. BONUS delivers 4 grams plant based protein per serving-high in fiber-lower in fat than potato chips. 
fun shape BEAN STALKS-3 flavors -3grams of plant based protein/serving tube shape makes them extra crunchy


Certified GLUTEN FREE is huge ---even those not needing a wheat free diet-embrace it...GRATIFY twisty pretzels taste chewy crunchy-the way twisted crispy pretzels should-but unlike the usual-no GMO either. Available in Sea Salt -most like the classic version we grew up ne hummus flavor and as yet to try fancied up coated versions too...pictured below.

holiday party ready Gratify Gluten Free pretzels get the icing treatment, chocolate flavored with crackling candy sprinkles
Pretzel Pete NON-GMO-salty sweet caramel add sweetness to mini-twists

THE POPCORN FACTORY gluten free airy popcorn-nice sized kernels-crunchy chewy texture- come in many flavors to fit any occasion or mood for a particular taste ...including trendy bacon...with a bit of indulgent cheddar cheese blend that unlike the real deal-has zero trans fat. 

Another 'hot' trendy spice Sriracha-The Popcorn Factory style -sweet-tangy subtle spice goes well with a cold brew. BONUS-crowd pleasing popcorn makes a great summer time hostess gift or camp care packages- as The Popcorn Factory delivers in FUN themed tins, samplers, baskets...
new flavor White Cheddar-a mouthful of real cheese taste in a crunchy air popped bite -very tasty morsel for humans (and cats)

we always think of Harry&Davids for holiday gift fare...but this now nationwide company's super popular MOOSE MUNCH themed Gourmet Popcorn (and now flavored coffees)...are a winning mash-up of coated crunchy popcorn with sweet chewy morsels of chocolate and crispy peanuts--makes snacking year round-a treat. IMO-good topping to sweeten up  yogurt...for a tasty healthier and convenient splurge of a snack! New flavor creamy Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut-joins other flavors dark chocolate, milk chocolate, classic caramel (pictured below) and s'mores.

LIVE LOVE POP...splurge without the preservatives or artificial ingredient="guilt-free" munchy treat. Honey BBQ is a newer flavor-joins an indulgent truffle salt version we ate so fast we forgot to take a picture! FYI a portion of sales go to support Breast Cancer Research

Crispy protein packed crisps-say hello to one of two of our new fav crunchy snack category (the other seaweed-a later post)! CELLO Whisps are made from 100% cheese-so naturally gluten free and high in protein...a product extension from an American cheese company...who also happens to make delicious cheeses too. Two flavors-Parmesan and Cheddar.
Cello Whisps: All natural, gluten and wheat free, no preservatives or additives, or fake colors, and an excellent source of protein and calcium=a big WIN WIN. Def qualifies as part of a main meal for use with 10 (cheddar-170 calories)  and 13 grams of protein (Parmesan-150 calories) and barely a trace of carbs-and zero grams of sugars per serving. FYI serving size s a satisfying 23 crisps. Fortunately widely available :-)

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