Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hood Rubber Company - Men's Shoes With Trail to Urban Style

Fall Collection...previewed at Outdoor Press Camp
What caught out eyeballs straight off-the handsome classic uppers-with a hiker vibe- benefit from NYC based team crafting unique design tweaks that speak to what city guys need to hang these days-outdoors, feet-wise...coming soon from HOOD Rubber Company.
Priced in that affordable luxury zone-the company -as a supplier of...features kicks with durable rubber outsoles...but reboots the pavement to dirt style for the 21st century guy,

the sneaker series-featuring waterproof rubberized leather, full grain leather uppers, suede and carbon rubber high abrasion sole

WHAT TO EXPECT: ... three thematic collections (sneaker, trail, wurkshu)-that serve as foundation for decidedly city living types-with rounded toes-slimmer profiles than the  typical  outdoors boot make these kicks suitable for dressier options- under jeans or a suit trousers... solid construction, premium leather uppers and durable rubber outsoles-part of the HOOD RUBBER COMPANY heritage -widely embraced in each look.

chelsea boots-easy to pair these with just about any pair of trousers or jeans

Trail collection-good travel option-multi-tasking boot

rugged waterproof-full grain leather upper-hiker style-rounded toe-slimmer cut=chic not clunky-with carbon rubber sole 

Hood Rubber Company