Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Chuckles spewed forth when we glimpsed a desperately panting headline -on the latest  print Vogue ..not because funny gal Amy Schumer was on the cover...but because of the stiletto magical thinking...

Because except for a fancy soirée-or a night out-or even most likely, stashing a pair under a desk at work in an's becoming a flattish (or wedge) fashion comfort world -footwise for ladies.It's hard to sacrifice that good feeling one gets from wearing comfy shoes...especially when stylish eyeballs have adjusted to what is on trend these days. PLUS everyone seems to dress more casually for just about everything-including sophisticated urban settings--- except for maybe maybe a day in court.

BIRKENSTOCK has been riding the tidal wave of popularity for good reason-it's legendary (230 years in the making) contoured  footbed that coddles and supports the various spots of feet-with that comfort molding cork/latex blend and 2 layers of jute to whisk away moisture...has been much copied, somewhat---but never quite as well.

Even stylistically the signature Arizona sandal has some higher priced labels aping the look. But there is nothing like the original. AND consumers know.

Really-even a quick glimpse of this GIF-obvs which sandal is the all day -shock absorbing on concrete sidewalk -worthy one.

Some highlights for Fall...

cozy Boston clog and Arizona sandal get genuine lamb shearling + suede uppers with cozy lining for a plush warm feel

Buffalo check wool plaid uppers...leather footbeds
Reptilian embossed uppers-Shiny Snake Arizona in Fall patent or metallic finishes...outsoles are color coordinated too!

BOOTS!  Cozy lined with genuine keep shearling...suede -leather upper...with that footbed inside.

treaded rubber outsoles for boots are weather tough!

we love these pull-on boots-go with jeans or cute dresses/skirts-low cut boot is a versatile style...and wearable year round.

Somewhat of a design departure that we approve of-this one has equestrian flair...with the wrap around boot straps - adds a level of elegance to Birkenstock sophisticated...but with the serious comfort inside. 

can see the footbed inside...and ez on/off with inner zip

Danbury suede and leather uppers-PLUS genuine shearling lined -$329 with adjustable buckles and contoured cork footbed.