Friday, July 22, 2016

Buzzy 'IT' Flavors: SMOKIN', BOURBON, COFFEE...

Whisky and Beer...

Joining Sea Salt, Pickled, Spicy Peppers and Sriracha as the 'hot' accent trends at Fancy Food Show.

Some Show Highlights:

We've never seen this before-but it works-the slightly bitter nutty espresso atop full ripe blue cheese-y -from Italy's award winning  Luigi Guffanti 1876-a family owned maker of a slew of delish cheeses-hopefully will be found across the POND-Fab gift baskets for sale too but in Euro Europe only (for now)

Hamptons Salt Company’s all-natural-additive free flavor infused or smoked salts are the chemical free alternative way to add hints of flavor to a wide variety of dishes...including the giftable Grill Master Collection that includes the three most popular salts for grilling: the smoky Hickory, flavorful smokey Mesquite & the very nifty Espresso  salt-which can add a buzzy distinct accent to baked goods like cookies-or atop ice cream-for salty-sweet sweet spot. Other smoked options-Chardonnay, Bacon, and Applewood.

Espresso covered chocolates beans-and flavored chocolate are popular already...what we like about these Belles by ENSTROM Candy-a family run biz out of Colorado-the chewy creamy inside texture and perfect balance of smooth dark chocolate+ aromatic espresso flavors.  2 bites worth treats. 

Nielsen Massey  elegantly packaged extracts-in glass preserving bottles- are a revelation as to what  real deal all natural flavors-including Pure Coffee Extract-taste like-and can add to a dish like coffee crusted burgers with chipotle mayo or dessert. Gluten free, non-GMO, allergen free and kosher too. FYI- 1 tsp of the richly brewed taste of the Pure Coffee Extract=1 tsp. of dry espresso powder...or add that amount to ¼ cup of water =¼ of brewed coffee.

San Franscio Salt Co.-specially sourced Irish Kiln Dried and Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salts

San Francisco Salt Co. Irish Sea salts-from the company's private reserve. introduces the new Whiskey and Irish Kiln Dried versions at the show. The former is aged in Teeling Whiskey Oak kegs subtly infused in the premium Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt -in extra fine grain that adds distinct flavor to any smoked meats, fish, or even added in butter for a spread. NICE. 100% kosher, no additives or artificial flavors.

Doctor, vegan, kosher, gluten free-no weird dyes, coloring, artificial sweeteners etc--- a mash-up of iconic NY style Pickle with Tennessee Whisky Jack Daniels. Unusual...!

Jack Daniel's is practically a household staple-this USA whiskey brand accordingly-is licensed out on a slew of products-including these inhale devouring worthy Whisky Praline Pecans-to have 'straight-up' for a sweet/boozy plump pecan Indianola Pecans. 

not for the kids maybe-but def. for the candy connoisseur -Non-GMO NUT FREE Bourbon Nib Brittle by Olive and Sinclair a Nashville based  "Bean To Bar" maker. Fab packaging (they deliver these handmade treats too)...the caramel butty brittle has subtle bourbon flavor-with cacao beans aged in small batch bourbon barrels from Corsair Distillery. FYI 2014 SOFI Gold Award winner.
Mr. Allen Benton's  Smokey Hams are legendary -now lending  the smoking process to fellow Tennessee based Olive and Sinclair SMOKED NIB BRITTLE chocolate nibs - aka "Southern Artisanal Chocolate" single bean, slow roasted using pure brown sugar -distinct tasting- bacon infused sweet salty brittle. 

Smoked sausages and jerky are widely available-but DUKE's Smoked Shorty Sausage-has recognizable ingredients...and  no nitrates, preservatives, artificial colorings, MSG ...and little sugar too-unlike some hardwood dried pork versions. 
AMIRA a Dubai based worldwide established company-and one of the first gourmet rice products we remember ever seeing for sale, locally. Basmati Rice-long grain staple-firm and fluffy in texture...gets smoked "Persian" style-goes well with seafood. Widely available including Amazon 

Maple Syrup is not just for breakfast pancakes these days...especially when used as a flavorful accent in BBQ sauce, glaze, marinade or stews/soups. Sugar Bob's Smoked Maple Syrup-is Vermont maple syrup infused with aromatic hardwood smoke. Available online and at a bunch of retailers...imo a great host gift.

GUINNESS CHIPS got a writeup last year-what caught our eyeballs at this year's show-the not for kids Dark and White Chocolate Mini Guinness® Pints a winning combo of Guinness-the world's most recognizable stout... and Lir Chocolates-creamy smooth flavor that looks cool too. Available online in the USA now. 
Yes-these are pint-y airing perfect-  crunchy fun too- BEER SHAPED GLASS crackers...PAIRWELL Food Co.s Pint Bites come in 3 flavors-Sea Salt, Chili Lime and Sriracha. This company makes wine pairing crispy thin bread-ish sticks too. VERY FUN. No wonder the DNA is enhancing the experience of "social snacking."