Friday, September 11, 2015

MakeUP in NY: 2015 New Cosmetic Trends/Products/Packaging

Innovation Tree-adorned with packaging+cosmetic products from several companies
West 34th St.

Makeup tradeshows-the large (like Cosmoprof-in Las Vegas)...and smaller regional shows-including the one we attended this week, MakeUp in New York...are where cosmetic companies or those individuals looking to start-or add to-their own cosmetic lines -go for the latest.
makeup for men---ah...the SELFIE HELPER love the hard shiny metal packaging 

Even the mega companies with their own gigantic R+D facilitates...source from these exhibitors.

More noticeable these days...similarity in cosmetic brand products across labels-over time (think Clinique chubby sticks---and six months later---a slew of brands had comparable offerings IMO), and better quality ingredients, formulations and packaging from premium  (the Christian Loboutin lipstick metal bullet necklace + nail polish stiletto deserve packaging Academy Awards)  to the mass brands...the latter in particular. Probably because the  cult favs to the numerous names from the fashion world and makeup artists (or their hired hands)  go to this high end show.

Almost all we spoke to customize their offerings -with exclusivity  too-so rest assured ---there are differences in what one is offered at the makeup counter-on-line and at retailers. But a lot of times-also- it is the same company 'behind' the brand---that makes similarly formulated cosmetics for anyone --including many private label options-that get packaged differently, of course.

Some Highlights:

We only had about 2 hours to walk the show...not enough time...but picked up some exciting packaging options and cosmetics---that are def. coming to a brand near you:

...cutting edge airless packaging to precisely deliver skincare -preventing  contamination risks and decreased efficacy of ingredients exposed to air
FusionPkg is a leader in airless packaging---we loves these cool to the touch metal tip applicators (for eye serums, for example)-the one on the right has 4 roller balls -four in the new Direct Effect Airless Collection
... cushion-puff saturated with liquidish -or creme to powder foundations in patented delivery compacts
From Korea the 'it' country now for skincare options that Westerners are falling in love with---including us after we went to that country ten years ago and was totally gobsmacked by Amore Pacific...EASY POWDER ( makes cosmetic puffs, including this patented innovative powder puffs-to be embedded with powder for efficiency and easy access with nifty antibacterial silver velvet puff optimized for loose powder-and a great solution for our mess of powders that are loose, broken and spill all over, Easy Cushion -all in one applicator that allows easier snd quicker makeup by dabbing on the liquid foundation formula absorbed on the puff-easy to carry, hygienic and convenient design soaked with liquid formula separates cushion from the puff=clean use, and Easy Duo one step double sided compact with Easy Powder (powders, highlighter, pearl powders) up top and Easy Cushion (good for blusher, BB creme, liquid foundations) on the bottom. NICE. Expect to 'see' there products in many many brands...
as with mascara brushes-cosmetic puffs can make a difference in application---EASY POWDER options-for powders and blushers

EASY POWDER cosmetic puffs for liquid and emulsion (creme to powder, concealers...)

Brush Designs:
soon to be a makeup artist fav---Tip and Blend Brush collection---check out the point for precision tips by Pennellfaro 
... more hydrating water based foundations that feel great on the skin

From Korea---Bonne ( is a 'soup to nuts' cosmetics-packaging company with what seems to be a very popular and affordable Touch In Sol  cosmetic collection---under the corporate umbrella (might be lost in translation)...but we did get---the very fun crayon collection now being sold-makeup product that is trending---big time!
Real Aqua Butter in Cream-hydrating easy blending ---lets skin show through (we tried) ---layer on thicker or not---feels so moist and lightweight-you can see the actually droplets of water. WOW. Bonne
Pascual Cosmetiques Creme to Powder, Aqua Power (right)
new creamish liquid B+B creme---tinted sheer lightweight-hydrating-by LA based Cosmetic Group USA
popular lightweight-hydrating fast absorbing moisturizer

...hybrids of- lipstick glosses-moisturizing matte-shiny finishes
Matistick/Wax'Up-good name too by Strand Cosmetics

Pin Point  +Watery Glue-moisture laden, non-tacky lip glosses glittery hints of medium-and build able layers of colors- cool names by Cosmecca- a company we obsessed with (from last year's show)-they are the brains that deliver the FABULOUS BCDNATION balm/foundation by TonyMoly who blessedly has a store on 32nd street in Manhattan -plus select products in Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Ulta...YAY. 

Fabulous lip coloring options by LA based Cosmetic Group USA
shimmery metallic tones-lipstick hybrid-has the moisture of a gloss with more intense color of a lipstick-easy to apply

Red option is a tad more sheer...but still significant...very hydrating

gloss is in an automatic pen-brush packaging-LOVE this color-high gloss shine---see the differences of the three

fyi-waterless cleanser gets it all off=easy! Good for reapplying makeup on a clean skin without any residue!
..matte finishes for the eyes that manages to feel moist, not dry, beautiful shimmery metallic shadows

LOVE =by Barcelona's JOVI Cosmetics SATIN DRAMA metallic pencils-that impart real saturated-highly pigmented matte silky texture shimmer with the powdery feel of eyeshadow with the ease of a (two sided) pencil. Very blend-able -with a sponge applicator at the end for the ultimate smoky eye in color. WIN WIN.

Black Barrel Jumbo Pencil

Jovi Cosmetics innovator in cosmetic pencils for private labels

BASF-Care Creations=cutting edge formulas this company conjures up consistently--includingthis wonderful Gilded Forest Green Waterproof Eyeshadow (other color options below)...silky texture...shimmery matte finish is not drying at all...a winner for sure-love the jewel tones

...thick pencil and stick options for contouring/highlighting
Foundation options-including trendy contouring-made easy in a powdery creamy stick...2 tones available in many shade groups by Cosmetics Group USA
WAAAY better formula than the chalky ones we used back in the 90s-love the convenience -no mess of  foundation stick-built in contour-Cosmetic Group USA
highlighting -blush duo stick-Cosmetic Group USA-expect to see this in many brands

 ... gel + based eye-lining options-pencils/brush eyeliners in tiny pots- precise ultra thin or thicker lines- intense, long lasting color
Liquid Line Gel Sensation El-Paris based ALKOS Group
Pascual Cosmetiques  Cushion Liner
...brow bettering systems---applicators, brushes, gels, waxy powders
slanted triangle shaped Eyebrow Pencil  (and brush too) Korea-private label= TAEIK

Jody Formica is a makeup artist in demand---her for ÁLBEA...
Álbea-patented applicator puff-Trilogy--aptly named-for brows---highlighter, waxyish powder, more gel like powder in one compact for the perfect brows. NICE
AND from a POLYCHROMATIC-KEYSTONE manicurist who managed to get our stragglers looking lovely via Poly nail polishes-shorter nails are in- but expect a resurgence in nail art...with special effects top coats popular too  + darker shades for Fall/Winter months.

EVE PEARL-award winner-and with terrific makeup collection of foundation-concealers in compacts---gives a demo a reverse contouring-plus