Sunday, April 5, 2015

Best Beauty Bets-Skincare/Hair Part 1


In the past-we never met a beauty product that didn't beg for sampling---and now an industry delivers fulfillment of that need (Birch Box etc.). 

Upside=consumers try out skin+haircare without really a major commitment.

BUT it does take a week-to a few months-to see the kind of game changing skin altering results often claimed by beauty products nowadays…versus the quick hit solutions that disappear along with the water-down the drain…

For THAT- $ down and a required dedicated use are musts. Which makes what we're willing to try out…subject to a lot more scrutiny.


First off -imo- packaging matters--- since active ingredients  -even so-called'stable' fixings-need to be delivered in preferred airless pumps/nozzle/jar -to preserve the efficacy/potency of the goodies we are paying for (+portion control).

FYI-we've asked this ? -and a well respected high-end brand countered with ---  the "luxury experience" of a glammy packaged wide mouth jar set-up that her buyers love. 

For a hair masque -like our beloved Lenore Greyl or JF Lazatiqueno problem as our long tresses reside outside our scalp . But for skincare that doesn't get immediately rinsed off (body scrub)…hmmm.

Preferable-is any product delivered in glass bottles-and darker tone ones - too- impervious to ingredient compromising light sources ---something in the past French skincare brands  always did---but now - for all it seems-plastics are cheaper and easier to ship.

Our concern- some plastic containers probably compromise formulas-leeching out chemicals not desired- non???…there is science behind that concern. Why wouldn't the same principle apply in beauty product packaging as say, BPA and other known hormone disrupters leeching into water bottles. (NPR's All Things Considered-article aired back 2011…Environmental Working Group-series of articles-another addictive must-read)

Secondly-we always are reminded of the late great Horst Rechelbacher-founder of Aveda…and Intelligent Nutrients …who taught us to walk down any aisle in any mass merch retail store…and the first four ingredients- of any beauty product- per category-are all the same.

Acknowledged-that active goodies do not have to have top line status-but cosmetics- are non-FDA regulated -just like supplements-that puts the onus of product claims onto consumers or their active Attorney Generals- to question ingredients, efficacy of delivery etc. 

We started preferring skin care companies that make their own products-versus using a private label source that conjures up products for a price-for anyone.

Not as critical  must for us when it comes to make-up however---think-fashion designer +makeup artist cosmetic brands can be tops-our experience… and of course manufacturing is outsourced -from companies gleefully discovered at MakeUp New York tradeshow, for example.

The aforementioned-points present like white noise -when we attended the recent IBS New York beauty tradeshow at Javits Center in NYC.

our idea of curvy and gorgeous
Also present-besides lots of people- with fun  inventive hairdos…

RUSK never sleeps-continuous hair action


long hair extension

hair clips---they were sampling and the line was loooonnnnngggggg!
... lots of beauty -hair distributors+ private labels exhibitors…in case one wanted to start their own beauty, nail, cosmetic lines…and a few well respected brands that have limited distribution-that we wanted to check out.

One standout=Repêchage® aka 'rescue" -a "Beauty From The Sea" brand we have known of for years with an MO-like fav cult Susan Ciminelli -that harnesses all things marine (esp. seaweed-naturally loaded with active anti-oxidants & beneficial minerals/vitamins in a skin penetrating, deliverable form)- as core for topical treatments targeting various skin types-and solutions for women/men.

At the show, the company introduced their new (already popular) SeaSmooth Artisan  Seaweed Wax collection-with calming-bump/redness banishing + anti-microbial ingredients in a formula made to deliver precise removal. 

Having had what few strands possessed laser-ed off years ago-we were more interested in the skincare products-and there are a lot of options….

...aimed at professional distribution/use (Biolight™Miracle Facial + brightening collection for evening out skin tones & skin brightening, the Vita Cura® 5 Phases firming facial for younger looking skin, Hydra 4® seaweed+olive oil laden anti-redness solution )…

and consumers products …readily available online-that also includes body care and mineral makeup.
straight forward labeling on package-guys (and moi) like that-says what it does without decoding needed or superfluous metaphors feel pitched to

  What we tried:
Repêchage Vita Cura® Triple Action Cleanser ($39) and Toner ($36).
this will last us months-5-6

Right off-we so appreciated the quick acting pump nozzle delivering one dosage (quarter size)-of the creamy white cleansing creme…no clogging or workout needed- to get it going. Applied in circular motion  to get makeup off- the cleanser easily spreads over our entire face -and is completely non-irritating. We use a vibrating facial brush, a warm water laden washcloth-or just more water splashed on…before rinsing. Directions -on the back-suggest wiping off with a cotton ball -probably the way to go if one has dry skin….and with water, shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), glycerin and squalene (moisturizing all)-as the first four ingredients…helps to explains why even stubborn waterproof eye make-up -came off without a struggle.

The toner is equally as easy to access-spray on cotton ball 2-3 spritzes to saturate without dripping, and wipe it all over our face-and sometimes on the top of our back/neck. Nice-skin feels clean without stripping. The barely there -pleasant scent- probably from the several botanical and spice natural oils in the formula-causes no irritation. 

AND the toner multi-tasks... to delete caked on makeup before a touch-up…and because NYC air can get so grimy-we just use it as a very mini-shower-neck up.

Bonus points: The products are cruelty free-and Paraben free-made in the USA by the company - quality controls firmly in place-with expiration-best used by dates stamped on the bottom (!!!!!) and after chatting with a few of the employees---we felt they truly stand behind their products…. YAY.