Monday, April 6, 2015



Seeking out skincare developed by prominent trained scientists aka lab rats- with an excellent track record, well respected in the medical field-put their name out there prominently, and who have verifiable clinical studies (and not teeny tiny ones) to back their products claims…is something smart consumers should seek out-especially at up there pricey points.

Brands usually bought at mass retail chains-…imo-are def. getting in better in quality over the years---but for us-there seem to be cheap fillers, scents that irritate or smell well cheap, questionable chemicals with toxic implications in the mix-or marketed with a real active ingredient so far down on the list- it's ineffective. Not always- (we like Physician's Formula for a few things)- but often.

The other extreme is the crazy exorbitant priced creams and serums-usually aimed at the anti-aging crowd-that we think-why bother-just get some non-ablative little (no) downtime-or ablative (need a week off) laser treatment (series) of some sort-that will work more effectively, in a short time, at the same price.

Only so much an over-the-counter product can do…

Up first-

ZO® Skin Health founded by the noted derm Dr. Zen Obagi (founder of the Obagi skin care line)--- offers two lines online: ZO® Skin health (consumers-also available elsewhere) and ZO® Medical (also sold through physicians).

A few months back in a swank midtown hotel- we attended part of an all day seminar-led by Dr. Rachael Eckel.

It was packed with doctors and medical staffs-seriously SRO--there to learn all about the new/time true ZO® Health Circle™ of products…including clinical studies on some of the latest advances in skin therapies and delivery systems- to correct, maintain, prevent and address a wide range of skin health issues for every age group, gender, ethnicity…

It def. reminded us of our biology/chemistry classes back in the day, with detailed slide presentations- highlighting a few products (when we were there)…and also included an interesting observation made by the presenter- that there really is no need for a specific under eye creme -an overall  high quality facial moisturizer will do…and that that kind of very specific targeted product is more to satisfy consumer demands…something we have always thought

What impressed us the most however---was that the group of women we sat amongst -who happen to work for Dr. Z Paul Lorenc -a highly regarded plastic surgeon with medical spa services----gave a collective 2 thumbs up to several ZO Skin Health products they used/recommended-which included the Brightanex™ skin brightening + corrective creme with different retinol strengths to even out skin tone.

We have tried (and finished) the Offects® Exfoliating Polish $67-.05 oz jar didn't seem like a lot- but  lasted about 3 few months as a very little dab of this breezy scented scrub-with magnesium crystals and vitamins A,C, E and C-esters goes a long way. We used it after super intense warm weather workouts-with a tiny bit of product applied to wet skin-our face and the top of our back. Yes- we were completely break-out free-even after layering on tons of sunscreen everyday-which surprised us---the exfoliating ability really worked.

PS: Our brain break candy includes trolling websites like that have oh about hundreds of skincare brands-including those scientific-y sounding labels that theoretically-are only distributed in physician's offices.

Usually at some discount offer too :)  ---an expected perk online.

Why bring it up???

With VERY positive experiences using two physicians' founded companies' product lines aimed at consumers- we are confused by their distribution model of their other separate lines of skincare -for regular folks and/or  medical practices to sell- even though-some (all) are readily found at other retail outlets.

One line not on Dermstore fyi-is the aforementioned  Z.O. Skin Care Health-which has two collections -and  NeoStrata Company's Exuviance and NeoStrata (another later blog post) …both helmed by mega-patent holding brilliants of acclaim Drs. Eugene Van Scott & Ruey Yu...

Hard to make a distinction between the different collections with same parent company. What helps-skincare products are sold by treatment-targeting a skincare concern (aging, redness-sentitive, rosacea, dry, acne-prone-teens, adult etc)… taking the guess work out of what to buy.

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