Thursday, April 9, 2015

Targeted Skincare by Exuviance #PeelChallenge


EXUVIANCE by NeoStrata offers up targeted by skin concern products----that people (women here most likely)-are starting to gravitate towards vs brands with slicker marketing campaigns.

The main reason-imo-the ingredients...

The primo ingredient for this brand- is Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) ---a ground-breaking discovery by  Exuviance co-creators-Drs. Van Scott and Yu; specifically,  glycolic acid a super power ingredient for skin rejuvenation (exfoliates, refines skin texture, breaks up dark pigmentation, encourages collagen growth).

What we tried...

Tis the season (a warmer one)-to change up our skin clearing/cleansing routine---but still keep it user friendly. A targeted -scrub-peel routine is one way -to counteract the effects of higher temperature-more humid environments...and for us, increased outdoor workouts where the air can be a bit grimy.

The Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish  is refreshing barely there scent  that uses Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid to loosen up the old skin cells...without the use of environmental toxic plastic polyethylene beads-which is shockingly in many other brands. It's a potent face scrub-not that the texture is too tough - has a finely ground salt feel---it's the ingredients -water. glycolic acid (an AHA) , alumina (crystals-from aluminum and oxygen-exfoliant) and glycerin (moisturizing)-the first four.

We only needed maybe half a squeeze (dime size) to clean our face-which we had prior- splashed with water. A one time a week exfoliating treatment (suggested)-we followed it with the easily portable Performance Peel AP25-a two step plan-which has an activator pad (step one) with a surprisingly high 25% "professional level AHA/PHA blend "of glycolic acid, mandelic acid (an AHA with natural anti-bacterial properties good for acne prone skin but w/o over-drying) + gluconolactone-a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that binds with water-acting as a protective humectant for skin and protecting treated areas from free radicals that can cause skin to age. 


To note- we have never had a a chemical peel in a derm's office...we have used the popular Dr. Dennis Gross version of the at -home alpha beta peels (around 5/$16)-and know people that use that 2 step treatment daily.

The Exuviance system-is packaged similarly-with a saturated activator step one pad-which one applies over a clean face-avoiding super sensitive areas---then neutralizes-up to ten minutes later, with a pad made up of water, glycerin (moisturizing), propylene glycol (humectant has anti-microbial properties) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)-first four ingredients.

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 (msrp  $75/12)-the pictured above on the left- activator pad-gave our facial skin a slight tingle on application-but no burning- and there was enough on it to apply to the back of our hands and arms-we left on the full 10 minutes, used the neutralizer pad---on treated areas afterwards, as directed. The Step 2 left a a slight coat on our skin-which wasn't a bad thing---but we splashed cold water on our face afterwords-felt refreshing to do that. Can be used two times a week-but def. not daily.

IMO-this is a potent peel-and no surprise-this product is a fav with the traditional press. The Exuviance website has  convincing before and after pictures (after 2x week-4-5 weeks usage)---and of course -a hashtag #peelchallenge

P.S. Consumers ARE better informed than ever----and can understand why skincare products-like Exuviance's- costs more than the mass market choices. When it comes to anti-aging wants-like smoother more even-radiant skin firmer tones, age-sun spot free etc...scientifically selected ingredients are needed to effect real dermis well as the time needed for the products to work...not dissimilar to some in-office treatments that costs more. 

FYI: Made in the USA-no animal testing. For thorough understandings of cosmetic ingredients-imo-the Environmental Working Group's website- is helpful.