Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth/EveryDay SNACKS Clif®Organic Trail Mix Bars, Nova Scotia™Organics,HoneyStinger®

Just as we read another missive from the non-profit Environmental Working Group about a banned in Europe (they get it) preservative that is still found in  foods sold HERE whaaaaa???? (propyl paraben)---it's really just so much easier to eat USDA certified organic treats---so we don't have to second-guess.

PLUS: Earth Day is always an annual reminder that what goes around comes around and that includes harmful chemicals and pesticides used to grow food---that-can get ingested. Not wanted.

INSTEAD -look for that Certified Organic USDA label on product wrappers - which means 95%-100% ingredients are certified organic-which is the high standard-wanted.

 The latest bars from CLIF® are their USDA Organic Trail Mix Bars that come in Wild Blueberry Almond, Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Coconut Almond Peanut, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter...they are all so insanely good that our attempts to save a few sample bars for a future hike-were futile.

As pictured above-the gluten free-3-4 g fiber (real fiber)...bars are 1.41 oz-good snack size...and are the ideal blend of chewy, crisp, sweet/tangy....with real deal tasty chunks of fruit-chocolate-and nuts (what we inhaled)...

Ingredients-include organic almonds-that are a powerhouse of nutrition-including protein (5-6g), magnesium and selenium, calcium and organic fruits (chewy and not too sweet -like wild organic blueberries or cranberries+dried cane syrup) with added crunch (organic rice crisps).

Other goodies in the mix-depending include delicious (addictive) organic chocolate, roasted organic peanuts, organic cashews, organic honey...etc.

These Trail Mix Bars are good post workout portable snacks...with the correct protein-carb mix athletes need after exercising---as well as- doubling as a nice treat after a meal without overdoing it (portion control).

FYI---the other Clif Mojo bars-are 70% organic ingredients.

Widely available...including AMAZON, Whole Foods,

We've reviewed several supplement products from this Canadian based company-Nova Scotia™ Organics...favorably so---that it doesn't surprise us that their collection of dried fruits-which come in snack size (.55-.7) and family size (1.5-1.65-1.75 oz) resealable pouches (that we recycled)...are certified USDA Organic-and as packed with vitamins, and are as satisfyingly sweet as the fresh fruit-  but  are super easily transported-and pack well for later eating.

We took a bunch of these on a recent flight-not wanting to be at the mercy of airlines (or TSA) - and avoid any possible food contamination while en route---never a fun wait to start a vacation.

Currently available dried fruits are Pineapple Chunks, Gala Apple Slices (both big bite sized pieces) and Little WIld Blueberries (we scooped a bunch at a time)...sold in 3-packs and six

AND if baking -toss in the mix for added nutrition...the chewy crispy textures blend in well in a muffin mix, etc. And smoothie friendly too.

FYI: A lot dried fruits contain added sugar or corn syrup (yikes)... and can have sulpher dioxide added as a preservative...(sulfites can cause really negative reactions in people). Seriously-think one is being healthy---have to read the labels!!!

Dried fruit-from Nova Scotia™Organics can be frozen if one is really THAT worried about the shelf life...which is plenty long.

FYI: Helmed by an entrepreneurial and incredibly knowledgeable woman and mom of an endurance athlete...who-we had the pleasure of meeting at a showcase, a few months back.

HONEY STINGERS have this gone in 2-3 bites Caramel Waffle that reminds us of those Balsen Waffleletten cookies. So good.

  USDA Organic--- and at 160 calories---the individually wrapped waffles-are really like a cookie -there's a thin layer of honey caramel in between the crisp waffle layers---

Not much nutrition-wise---the Honey Stinger Waffles are great snacks... almost melt in your mouth and very crunchy-available in a bunch of flavors-including gingersnap, lemon and chocolate. 16/$22.24