Friday, March 13, 2015


April showers bring May flowers---whatever ---any temps over freezing feel like Spring to the northeast lower 48…

Brighten up the soggy days with these waterproof kicks that imo-redefine the fashion function of typical rain boots- like those ubiquitous Hunters we see all over. Ho hum…people, brighten up!

We love the offerings of the iconic duck boot style by L.L. Bean-available (probably not for long) in purple---and the fab bright yellow lace-ups from Bernardo 1946-a now NY brand re-positioning itself as a well made -well-priced stylish footwear choice in that contemporary priced sweet-spot.

available now: $109 -6" padded collar

Did L.L.Bean invent the Duck Boot back in 1912? Kudos to that AND reworking a winner-and as a waterproof, durable workhorse style-with padded collar-manages to have some feminine flattering flourishes---including the purple color upper version…

Other nifty stats-made in Maine (still), triple stitching, supple leather uppers paired with rugged rubber chain tread bottoms=years of wear.
orange and olive play well with brown rubber
Practically enjoying a cult status-and adored by NY media types, the L.L. Bean 6" padded collar boot is available NOW. $109

naturally our BFF form Maine-has the wool version…worn covering NY Fashion Week.
Lacey Rain -block heel (in matchy matchy yellow),  stretchy upper sidecut for perfect fit. webbed laces with metal hardwear detail=flawless rain boot
WWD dubbed these booties…whatever--- these hybrid hiker/Chelsea boot silhouettes-made of rubber uppers (look like leather in these pics)--- by Benardo 1946 were a media fav at the preview we went to this week. Really-obvi why-waterproof, adorable and color options- are terrific! Two styles: Lacey Rain $145 (also available in navy-as well as to those pictured-yellow, forest, black, red)---and Peony Rain (black, navy) $145.
Love the options for colors---imo get them all at price of $145

Peony Rain Chelsea boot style…with hardwear detail on thin ankle straps…contrast stitching on outsole…easy on/off with stretchy sides…LOVE