Monday, March 9, 2015

Nutrition+Snacks For Athletes=Spring Shape-Up Part 2


For those that drink their nutrition-as a meal or snack…

Appethyl® -which tastes like most 'green'-powders we've tried-is made from spinach that is "carefully processed in a proprietary and patent pending method.." to make the vegetable's powerful  thylakoids-purported to slow down digestion and absorption of fats- bioactive…releasing "satiety hormones that signal to the brain…" one ate enough. As a food supplement-adding one 5g package of Appethyl® to a smoothie or soup is a palatable way to ingest-though it's also been suggested the appetite curbing effectiveness is enhanced when taken with a tbsp of healthy oil (e.g.olive oil). We tried it with orange juice as a mid-afternoon snack and def. satisfied without over filling us-before a workout.   

Crunchy snacks like delicious potato chips are crave worthy…and fortunately-there are a slew of healthier options that satisfy the need for something crispy.

Coconut oil has become a must have for inner and outer beauty+health. First we've seen---a "kettle cooked" potato chip  made crunchy with  no cholesterol, no trans-fat coconut oil…by Boulder Canyon---that's also non-GMO, low sodium and gluten-free…and tastes great!  SO if you have a tendency to devour an entire bag -has about the same calorie count as regular baked chip options -but Boulder Canyon chips-and there are a bunch of flavors- actually have some nutrition on board (vitamin C, iron, 2 grams protein)

Lucky us-Lundberg proffered a  sample of the new to the market- delish-sweet -salty crunchy Sweet Organic Dreams= a satisfying layer of dark chocolate icing atop a crispy whole grain rice cake-that's USDA certified organic, gluten-free and Fair Trade Certified ingredients- a big WIN WIN.

Sweet Organic Dreams USDA certified organic, non GMO, Fair trade certified ingredients-with 120 calories/2 cakes-def hits the spot as a snack, desert or imo a worthy post workout treat-with carbs, some dietary fiber+ iron (6%) + 2 gm protein per serving…and with a smear of peanut butter-even more of a complete treat. In Dark chocolate-(pictured) and Milk chocolate.

Lundberg also has a few Thin Stackers crunchy treats-including Brown Rice crispy rice cakes…also USDA certified organic, non GMO, Kosher ...
new flavor Chocolate Cupcake

Clif Bar the company- serves up bunches of energy bar products we rely on for our post workout sustenance-especially their protein packed Builder's Bars. Similar- mostly natural ingredients and vitamin-mineral packed nutrition bonus points- are found in their gluten-free Luna bars…which are slightly smaller in size (48grams) than the regular sized Clif bars (68grams)…kinda equal= calorie wise-accordingly.

The upside to using organic ingredients-and natural sweeteners like Brown Rice syrup-and not crash/burn corn syrup like competitors---is that all the flavors we tried…the Chocolate Cupcake, Lemon Zest (fav) and the Honey Salted Peanut-are authentic tasting and are better  for you---plus the 8-9 grams protein (from soy, flaxseed) in each bar make Luna bars handy meal or snack options.

Widely available...
LUNA bars…easy portable way to get a sweet tasty crunchy chewy treat-on the go---packed with vitamins and minerals…including 100% folate-something gals need. 
kid's sizes and adult-these treats by Honey Stinger never last long in our house. Gingersnap waffles are as good (better) than the reg. ginger snaps-with lighter crunchier texture-fresh zingy ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and bit of molasses. Love these...

Another good for you snack kind of company that gets it all right-HONEY STINGERS…which as one might guess…uses  honey as a basis for crunchy 100% USDA certified organic waffle snacks and energy bars.

recipes provided…coconut flour serves as basis for many baked goods…adding a nice subtle flavor to yummy blueberry muffins-we tried. Note-not an exact substitute for the wheat version -measure for measure…but for those wanting gluten free treats-def cheaper to make your own ----

Flour---can come from many gluten sources sources---so we learned-not just wheat- which has gotten a bad rap in some circles and is certainly not gluten-free…

KING ARTHUR-a purveyor of all different types of flour- is based in Vermont and still family owned…and has introduced finely ground, gluten free coconuts and almond varieties---nifty!

Not sure how to use…no problem-as the website has many recipes for entrees, and snacks- including the crispy great tasting almond flour pizza crust that uses some of the coconut flour too. Top off as one usually would for pizza---including dairy free options- to make healthy eats fresh from the oven and tastier than any store bought option.

crispy crackers form this almond flour-practically idiot proof to make…even if not on a gluten free diet-the mouth watering recipes from King Arthur…of savory treats are all  easy to make gluten free options... 
still family owned-Vermont based King Arthur Flour---even has a Norwich, VT. campus store, café+ state-of-the-art Education Center for visitors


We never bought the whole eggs are bad for you bit…could be our French side of the equation. Well now the USA HHS guidelines acknowledge this versatile protein source (about 7 grams-75 calories) can be a-okay to eat- consequently eggs are now off the vilified lists of no-gos...
food coloring used to get the green for green eggs and ham

The types of eggs one can buy are varied…and as pictured-so are the options of how to serve…

We thought these 3 recipe takes on the classic Deviled Eggs…from the Incredible Egg.Org very fun.
(Egg Nutrition Center also a handy website for the 411 on eggs).
add spices-diff crumbled toppings----

Fruit is a not complicated eat-when it comes to the vitamin C packed and fiber (filling) benefits of eating the real thing-real food.
A revelation---seriously a YEEHAW-SWEET SCARLETT grapefruits are naturally sweeter---grown in southern Texas (who knew????) and available November-May. No sugar needed….half a grapefruit clocks in at 60 satisfying calories, non GMO, 100%Vitamin C (daily needs)-and really great. Widely available-though we wish our local groceries in Manhattan carried them….yup, that good!
we inhale HALOs-about 3 a day---as they are sold everywhere, are sweet and slightly tangy…and easy to peel/eat seedless, without juice squirting all over. The mandarins… easily pack in a tote-for a snack on the go.

APPLES ----come in a variety of options---that actually do differ in taste/texture. Bonus: loaded with anti-oxidants and pectin-soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol.

New to us Ambrosia™ apples (which are licensed!)---are right up there on the sweetness scale…and was a giftable in that Oscar basket of goodies- given out to the anointed.

Apples are rated sweet-to tart. Ambrosia™ right under Fuji-is a naturally sweet apple-with crisp texture-creamy white interior inside the blush colored  skin= great eaten on its own…PLUS:  low in acid…and takes longer to brown so good for salads and slicing up to snack on later too.