Monday, March 16, 2015


oh yeah-we grabbed a selfie with them…Minion movie-from Universal Pictures + Illumination Entertainment- release date July 10th, 2015
Aimed at kids-we figured after previewing  a short clip from-a spin-off of the smash hit Despicable Me franchise ---the Minions movie is super fun----and is loaded with very clever gags that will appeal to adults…including a fake language mish-mash of made-up and real words- spoken just so as to convey the dialogue's meaning ---that we wonder if it was scripted or ad-libbed by the voice-over cast. Impressive.
PLUSH BUDDIES (in box)-Thinkway Toys- and also -Animated versions talk in movie's character voices, fall forward/backward-get back up, and wind-up action assortment (lower right)
Huggable Plush
No worries about wanting to metaphorically bang one's head against the wall if sitting through multiple viewings ---Minions is an easy on the senses 3D comic adventure- and accordingly, we just love some of the fun consumer products that are being merchandised alongside…and kept the trinkets we got at a media event-  all to our Gen X self.

Franco Manufacturing Home Accessories- Cute Bedding, Richard Leeds Sleepwear, Hybrid JEM t shirts

Minion Interactives Action Figures-l-r Minion Stuart with guitar, Minion Kevin-Banana Eating, Minion Bob with Teddy Bear-interact with each character's accessory, move their heads, eyes open+close, 35 Minion sayings/SFX, articulated arms---not an electronic oy per se but def technology inside that enables the special effects.

Minion Elbow+Knee Pads-Tot-Kid  sized Bicycles too

Minion Bob Color+Glow Plush

what else--a lot----adorable micro-mini playlets, wind-up action toys, Build-A-Minion characters (think Mr. Potato head)…Game classics-Minion style including Monopoly, Operation, Trouble…and The Goggles, Play-Doh sets, construction sets, Pez (yay), Toothbrush/paste-Colgate Palmolive, Duncan Toy yo-yos, outdoor furniture, Thermos-Fun™tainer beverage bottles and food jars….etc…

Added Plus: a 60's music sound track