Thursday, March 12, 2015

BERNARDO 1946 Iconic+New Sandals, Boots,Totes, Reverse Clutches Spring 2015


Nifty-the original advertisements…this one from Vogue (MAY 1967)
Timeless chic is a cliché-but a meaningful one-and a reason the 60's-70's keeps inspiring today's fashion/accessories collections-as do the style icons of that era-Jackie O, Babe Paley, Pat Cleveland, Pamela Grier, Jane Birkin, Tabitha Getty, Charlotte Rampling---who did it all without hired stylists.

IMO-the test-looking at an archival image and NEVER HAVING TO THINK what the heck was she thinking.'

Basically the aforementioned= our mindset as we got a media peek at the timeless chic Bernardo 1946 footwear collection of sandals and boots-some of which were stitch for stitch-heritage pieces---with signature details…combined with fresh items that share reference points with the brand's illustrious 70 years old history.

Highlights from Spring 2015:

say hello to the new 'old' PVC jelly MOON  $68 flip-flop in mod geometric shape-several colors including metallics. Inspired by Monk-hence the character in the b/w photo

Nice Touch: Similar silhouettes-in wedges or flats…give women options that are stylish and affordable.
Mojo Wedge $160 hardware details reminds us of coins tossed into Rome's Trevi fountain...
Mojo $155

Mari Jute $140 mix of textures---natural jute trim with suede
Nora $168 wedge heel-webbed upper straps fit well, cap toe sandal adds polish when you don't have any on your toes.

Sydney $159 pretty Roccia black/white pattern--matching reversible clutch

$148 Reverse Clutch

Sydney-feminine shape-round streamline profile, webbed criss-cross straps $159

Drive U crazy drivers…suede $155

Lori $128 packable ballet flats-leather bow details...
reminds us of water buffalo sandals-with toe ring-Maverick $135-ad from Vogue Feb. 1970
Maverick-straps placed to hold the foot securely

Kaila Elastic $170 one of our fav-wedge wood heel with webbed caged straps and leather strap...
Melanie $165 metal clasps---on leather sandal is beautiful

Kim $178 another wedge sandal-with smooth leather uppers

Morgan EVA  $145 smooth leather straps-wrap around and tie back of ankle
Merit-cork is a natural warm weather material for sandals-cushioning+breathable
Merit woven $145 braided leather straps on flat sandal...

Matrix Patent Wedge $135

Matrix Metal $135 the circular hardwear detail…with rope woven upper-leather toe thing…perfect for that casual summer night
this ring upper shape details is a standout ---we would have these in every color…in wedge pictured above-and a flat -below
Matrix $130

Miami Wedge $135
Miami $110-$120  available in 16 colors…reportedly Jackie Kennedy bought them in several shades…ranging from smooth leathers to exotic snake skin straps
Miami woven $125

Bernardo Geometric Eva Sandal-$115-long lasting -leather straps

Carry-alls are new additions to Bernardo 1946…including leather totes and fold-over clutches that can show-off one side more than the other…depending on how one folds it over. Nifty.
$148-patent and smooth leather black clutch ----

durable and oversized-for weekend getaways

love this metallic leather---
FYI: Founded by a Renaissance type of guy, Bernardo Rudofsky-the Bernard 1946 company is now NYC based…with beautiful footwear options made in Brazil…of the highest standards including quality leathers, stitched EVA memory foam padded footbeds with eye-catching ecru contrasts= swank blend of iconic styles and some modern interpretations of…

Widely available-on and offline including Amazon, Zappos, Nordstom's