Monday, March 2, 2015

Backstage Beauty Cult Favs+New Products


SOLO ONE-STEP Gel Manicure, SK-II, SimySkin, Jao Hand Refresher, Lucas PawPaw, Embryolisse, Bioderma

Nail color and special effects are still super popular---with new formulations, colors and textures keeping ladies' talons supplied with plenty of options.
to use---clean nails, lightly buff-apply one thin coat…just brush on…use the LED light to cure 60 seconds---and brush on second coat…the glitter was  added on ---while polish was wet 

30 solid and sparkling colors-$15/apiece
SOLO ONE-STEP Gel Polish manicure systems (ULTA $129)-take the durability+color selection of gel manicures---and makes it consumer friendly- with its NEW at home kit-no base or top coat needed.
LED light, Solo-Vanish gel remover, and a foil wrap, picture...
The curing LED light--- has a 60 second timer.. Each kit includes 2 cleansing wipes, Vanish Gel remover, 10 remover wraps, four polishes, nail file, nail buffer…and LED light.

Backstage-the usual staples that make-up artists defer to-no matter the make-up sponsor…including Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, Lucas Pawpaw Ointment,  Jao Hand Refresher, and Bioderma's Sensio H2O Micellar Water ( and according to the website-on product sold every 3 secs worldwide. That's popular). All available worldwide and none expensive either!!!!!

when make-up artists buy their own products---they use what works and never is it the most expensive lines…featured above- Extra Virgin Minerals foundation by The Body Shop

Jao Hand Refresher and several Mario Badescu products…including Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater helps set make-up+hydrates

tools of the trade...

Taking the guess work out of what skincare products to use…beauty companies are wiser and sourcing more active ingredients- leading to marketing by concern- which is how consumers buy skin saver/soothing products more than anything, anyway, PLUS-delivering multi-functional items that are effective and a good value.

Accordingly, we loved the SK II kiosk at Lincoln Center-during NYFW---which had a techy device -the new digital Beauty Imaging System (available at SK-II counters)-that takes a super close-up of one's face-measuring/analyzing skin's 'real age' vs chronological age…and suggesting treatment products-grouped by concern-and need.  

A truth telling device ha ha--- can def. say using sunblock pays off!!! 

What we tried---the cult fav SK-II face mask…hydrates skin for that dewy glow after a 10 minute sitting on our face-application. REALLY nice…we can see why the is a best seller…the cotton mask with cut-out holes so you can breath-is saturated with a proprietary Pritera blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. Priced---10/$135.

ALSO embracing the realistic one size does not fit all-new skincare line SIMYSKIN™ - a truly price approachable collection (yay) of skincare treatment products-practically packaged - and roughly- targeted-to wide age groups…but IMO really more segmented by skincare concern---(given our skin age is 23 years younger than our chronological age accordion got SK-II) -with products containing 4-6 active and natural ingredients to address user concerns…

The star ingredient-B12-a multi-purpose nutrient that has the rare ability- to moisturize skin, prevent wrinkles and relieve skin inflammation-a process that ages skin.  


Right off-we loved how the Hydrating and  Nourishing Facial Moisturizer which is not greasy at all---and lacks the irritating scents-of similar products from competitors. The top two ingredients-water and a-Lipoid Acid (ALA) pack a one-two punch of hydration and antioxidants ---a slayer of damaging free radicals. This product has other anti-aging ingredients  too---inside a whitish thin creamy texture-that sinks right in.

Good for sensitive and combo skin-men or women…the 1.69oz tube ($45)…will last us about 4-5 months-using it 1x day (need about quarter size)- underneath whatever sunscreen/makeup we might layer on.

We also tried the Anti-Aging Eye Serum $65) Phase 3 which has a ball tip that helps one gently rub the serum in underneath the eye-in the hollows. (Hint-takes while to get the product to flow-at first).

We tried on the back of our hands -and the moisturizing effect was readily apparent---as the first 2 ingredients are water and glycerin. Other ingredients in the mix are aimed at puffiness, dark circles (with the infusion of Hersperidin Methylchalcone) and fine wrinkles with Acetyl Dipeptide to reduce the appearance of lines

The product has a scent however …and as we are super sensitive-  a sister-in-law who has dryer skin ---got our sample to try. It's a staple in her routine now… and compares favorably to a pricier one she got in Switzerland with similar texture (translucent easily absorbed serum)…and after a few months use-probably has similar anti-aging results.