Friday, January 3, 2014

VIVOBAREFOOT™ Athletic+Lifestyle Footwear S/S 2014

Stealth-on road/treadmill
On road/gym performance shoes-ONE w/ breathable mesh upper

“The foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” - Leonardo da Vinci aka



With  a variety of outsoles that are  'patented, puncture-resistant protection. redeveloped and more puncture-resistant than ever'(PR 5™) ..Vivobarefoot continues its natural motion/sensory feedback/Hex-A-Flex sole DNA of running/walking/hiking with a bunch of  new on/off road +amphibious footwear styles for many pursuits. 

great foot feel

One-Hex-mesh V-lab lamination upper supports lateral movement-on road/in gym

flexible and durable…glove like fit 200 grams

on top-lifestyle sandals-Ulysses-inspired by huaraches-with 'free' big toe and Achilles (bottom) fully molded barefoot running sandals-signature molded  split toe+medial loop locks for big toe

water draining Ultra Pure-modular plug-in tongue, mesh sock + dual density EVA

Trail Freak-off road barefoot kicks that double on pavement too... with 3M mesh laminated construction for second skin fit-260g

Trail Freak-men's
Prices-typically from $85…$125.

Since we first reviewed the collection-the premium lifestyle kicks with that barefoot fit have really made a name for the company. And it's ALSO fitting…that the descendants of the Clark family---pay homage to that label's iconic Desert boot with the Gobi-for men and Gobi II for women. The red ribbon-Soul of Africa collection-made in Ethiopia of natural leather uppers.

up top Soul of Africa RA11 +bottom-Soul of Africa Gobi $160 available now
Gobi-in black leather

Freud II-leather with signature  proprioceptive sole, experience sensory clarity combined with classic style. 

RA11-suede upper

Barefoot Luxury-features hand cut, welt constructed shoes using premium leathers---with the signature construction of Vivobarefoot™---lightweight comfort, fit and flex--- onboard.

Porto-high performance desert boot w. breathable leather insole-men's+women's $350

hand stitched outsole….

Barrister-with sporty style…in leather