Thursday, January 9, 2014

PLAYOFFS/SUPERBOWL Party Ready-Yeti, Pelican High-End Coolers

Whether your a real NFL fan -no matter what teams are playing…or if your idea of football is a match on the pitch between Man City and Man U…how to keep the brewskies cold and nearby so one doesn't miss a minute of ads…indoor solutions are solved via upscale coolers…that can double as bear proof options when outdoors.

Both Yeti-a family owned establishment, and hardcase tough maker Pelican-have primo selections that will keep things cold for days-for those that like to plan ahead.

Premium heavy-duty insulated Yeti coolers-are constructed from the same roto-molding technology as kayaks for practically indestructible lifespans…and have freezer grade seals, no sweat outside, a Vortex™ quick twist draining system (makes dumping out the melted ice task friendly), double haul handles, locks for coolers, and slightly elevated bottoms (air flow)..with prices starting at $100 on up.

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Frankly-show up with one of these- an ice -blue Teti Tank-filled accordingly (holds 60 long neck bottles, 96 aluminum cans, 1 keg, 20 gallons of trashcan punch…to quote the website 411)--- and expect annual invites for the rest of one's life!

Pelican also offers multiple options sizes for chilling stuff on the go…including a gigantic 250 quart Elite cooler ($790). Two inch thick polyurethane insulation keeps it cold for a week+ while a threaded drain plug that attaches to a garden hose aids the drain/clean process.

As importantly-choice of beverages can skew towards the bigger brands-but imo-smaller craft beers are more interesting. From Vermont…Long Trail micro brewers offers world class beers-ales, stouts both year round and seasonal selections-ful bodied and lighter options. Our taste of the Long Trial Ale-made in homage to the "Alt-biers" of Dusseldorf, Germany…was satisfying, with mild bitterness and full body, toasty taste. At 5% ABV-it will hold up to all that heavy party food we usually inhale during the game.

And what we can't wait to try-from Bavaria,  Germany's Lammsbräu-a gluten free beer made from traditional barley using a proprietary method to take out gluten while delivering on "real beer taste." Bonus points-USDA certified organic….amazing.